Vertava Health Texas Details Benefits of Quitting Drinking in New Blog Post

Scurry, Texas — Vertava Health Texas, a rehab center based in Scurry, Texas, near Dallas, recently published a new blog post with a first-person account of the benefits of quitting drinking. The anonymous author of the post relates how he had struggled with alcohol use disorder (AUD) for five years and after losing his family, jobs, and good health, he finally was motivated to get help to stop drinking. The post outlines the physical, social, mental, and financial benefits of quitting drinking, not to mention his improved home life.

One of the most obvious physical benefits of quitting drinking, according to the post's author, was weight loss. He was gaining weight because he had always struggled with his eating habits and drinking only made it worse. The drinking made him lose control of himself with the result that he would eat excessively. However, he points out that drinking affects people differently, and some might become malnourished and lose weight when they have AUD. This is because they may focus on unhealthy foods or forget to eat while drinking.

Another noticeable physical benefit of quitting drinking was having better sleeping habits. Previously, he was up late at night while drinking, or during those times when he did go to sleep at the proper time, he would wake up several times during the night. After quitting drinking, he was able to sleep more comfortably with no interruptions throughout the night. He was also able to make several positive changes with this diet and exercising, allowing him to better care for his body.

Socially, he realized he was able to recover some of his old friendships and also create new ones. When he was drinking, he had severe social anxiety and felt it was necessary to drink so people would find him “fun” to be around. After quitting, he no longer felt the need to drink to be fun.

When he was struggling with AUD, he also had mental difficulties. He forgot a lot of things and blacked out many times. He had trouble remembering things and retaining new information. After he quit drinking, it felt like the thick fog in his brain was removed. Things became much clearer, and he no longer struggled with memory loss. He was surprised by how severely his mental faculties had been affected by alcohol.

And, of course, he found there are financial benefits to be gained from quitting drinking. Without the need to spend so much on alcohol, he was able to save enough money to take his family on vacation. Also, not having to worry about money relieved a lot of stress for him.

And finally, quitting drinking allowed him to once again have a safe and comfortable home environment for his wife and children. When he had AUD, it was difficult for him to provide such an environment for his children, and he felt guilty about that. After quitting drinking, that guilt was removed and he realized being able to ensure his children feel safe was one of the best benefits being sober gave him.

At Vertava Health Texas, their goal is to help people with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health symptoms get the care they need to lead happier and healthier lives free from drugs and alcohol. Located in the woods of eastern Texas, their mission is to provide an appropriate environment where people struggling with addiction will not just be able to achieve early recovery but also have a much better chance for long-term success. In addition to their evidence-based treatment programs, they also provide a series of wellness services including outside recreational activities that use the expansive grounds of the rehab facility.

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