Vertava Health Publishes New Blog Encouraging Readers To Partake In Dry January

Nashville, TN: A new year has started once again. For many people, the beginning of a new year marks a new opportunity to start over with personal goals and dreams. New Year’s resolutions, of course, are commonly viewed as goals that people set for the new year, often dealing with matters such as exercising more or eating healthier, that are started with great enthusiasm before being abandoned halfway through February.

Few people ever see their New Year’s resolutions through to the end of the year. In fact, it would seem that most people who even dare to set goals for themselves do not seem overly confident in their ability to follow through for a year. This falling short is not new to anybody. Instead, it’s expected. A year, after all, is a long time to follow through and stick with a goal.


Vertava Health, formerly known as Addiction Campuses, has recently published a blog encouraging readers to take up a challenge that is more manageable: a one-month challenge to stop drinking called Dry January.

Vertava Health’s new blog explains what Dry January is and expands upon the numerous benefits there are to maintaining sobriety or simply developing a healthier attitude and relationship with alcohol.

First, the blog explains that Dry January may also be known as sober January or Dryuary. This challenge lasts for the month of January and calls for participants to abstain from alcohol for the whole month. Vertava Health explains that the Dry January challenge originated in the United Kingdom, but the month challenge has been increasing in popularity and consequently been exported to countries such as the United States. The challenge’s health benefits can intrigue people seeking ways to become healthier or cut down on their alcohol consumption.

In terms of physical health, many participants who take on the Dry January challenge lost weight. According to the blog, “In a study of Dry January participants, 3 out of 5 lost weight.” Unsurprisingly, benefits such as improved liver health can also result from cutting back on alcohol consumption.

Mental health is another area in which challenge participants can potentially help themselves by abstaining from alcohol use. Some individuals turn to alcohol as a way to self-medicate and cope with the symptoms that accompany mental health disorders. However, alcohol can aggravate certain symptoms and result in even poorer mental health conditions, trapping a user in a cycle of alcohol use and deteriorating mental and physical health.

Reducing or eliminating alcohol use can also affect areas of your life in ways such as improving sleep, saving money, avoiding conflict in relationships caused by frequent alcohol use, and offering participants the opportunity to examine their own relationship with alcohol. The blog points out that for some participants, taking on the challenge of abstaining from alcohol for a month can help them see just how much they rely on alcohol to help them through stressful times, solve problems, or improve their daily mood. Those who struggle with giving up alcohol may benefit from alcohol addiction treatment.

Vertava Health recognizes that alcohol addiction and dependence can happen to many people, often occurring unintentionally. In recognizing this, Vertava Health offers individualized alcohol addiction treatment programs to suit the needs of every client. Those interested in seeking assistance or more information can contact a counselor by calling (844) 485-0417.


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