Vertava Health Of Ohio Announces The Opening Of A New Outpatient Facility In Dublin, Ohio

Sherrodsville, OH: Vertava Health, is one of the nation’s leading organizations in behavioral healthcare, including addiction treatment and mental health care. Vertava Health offers a full continuum of care in an effort to provide comprehensive and life-changing services to a diverse group of patients. Their treatment programs are characterized by the high level of personalization in treatment plans that are constructed with the help of licensed therapists, clinicians, and physicians.

Currently, Vertava Health operates treatment facilities, a variety of both outpatient and residential, in five states: Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, Massachusetts, and Mississippi. Recently, Vertava Health has been committing themselves to nationwide expansion. The company announced that a new outpatient behavioral health and wellness center opened in Dublin, OH. Located approximately 17 miles outside of Columbus, this outpatient clinic specializes in “treating anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues,” according to Vertava Health.

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The outpatient clinic describes itself as a flexible program that offers patients a variety of outpatient treatment options to treat mental health or substance misuse. Outpatient levels of care are less intense and rigorous than inpatient treatment, a level of care offered in some other Vertava Health facilities.

This behavioral health outpatient facility aims to support Vertava Health’s patients as they progress in their recovery. The program’s substance use disorder track supports patients by seamlessly integrating treatment into their everyday lives, routines, and responsibilities. The alternate mental health track offers comprehensive treatment to patients who are not necessarily struggling with a substance use disorder.

Whereas inpatient treatment often requires dedicated time in a patient’s life, outpatient treatment is more flexible and is a good option for people seeking treatment who have busy schedules. The flexibility qualities of outpatient treatment expand the reach of Vertava Health’s impactful treatment.

The Dublin outpatient facility offers outpatient (OP) and intensive (IOP) outpatient services. Service offerings include individual and group therapy sessions, treatment for conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, and depression, along with proper medication management and treatment for substance use.

Treatment plans are flexible and are built around the needs of each patient. Programming takes place several days a week and includes evidence-based therapies where patients will engage with a licensed therapist and also participate in group work to establish a healthy support system.

Outpatient programs give patients the flexibility and opportunity to fit treatment into their lives, enabling them to continue making progress in their recovery journeys. While learning and engaging with helpful recovery skills at the Dublin outpatient facility, patients can practice taking those skills and applying them to their everyday routines.

Individuals interested in receiving flexible, supportive, and individualized mental health and addiction treatment can visit Vertava Health of Ohio on their website or by phone at (380) 204-5125


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