Vertava Health Comments On Holidays And SAD

Vertava Health, a Nashville, Tennessee-based healthcare company, is reaching out to the wider community to comment on the upcoming holidays and seasonal affective disorder. Vertava Health (formerly known as Addiction Campuses), provides evidence-based and comprehensive care for all people who are struggling with addiction and want to overcome it.

A representative for Vertava Health says, “A lot of people look forward to the holiday season, and for good reason. However, while many enjoy the snow, there are others who don’t feel the same way. Instead of feeling cheerful and merry, they feel down and depressed. Though feeling a little upset from time to time isn’t unusual, it may be a sign of seasonal affective disorder when this sadness becomes severe or comes back each year at the same time, and that is something that needs to be taken seriously and treated.”

As Vertava Health explains, seasonal affective disorder—also known as SAD—is a type of recurring depression that appears annually at around the same time. The symptoms can range in severity but will often last several weeks. In fact, it is estimated that anywhere from 10-20% of recurring depression is related to seasonal affective disorder.

There are several forms of SAD, though the most common one occurs in the late fall and early winter. Called winter-pattern SAD or winter depression, researchers associate this type of depression to waning daylight hours because it tends to be more common in higher latitudes. While less frequent, some people will experience summer-pattern SAD or summer depression with symptoms occurring during the spring and summer.

SAD has a number of symptoms that can severely impact a person’s life. These include feelings of sadness or hopelessness, irritability, social withdrawal, fatigue, anxiety, sleep problems, changes in eating habits, poor concentration, suicidal idealization, and more. Due to the severity of the disorder, Vertava Health highly recommends seeking help immediately.

However, the community will be happy to learn that there are still ways to cope with seasonal affective disorder and decrease the severity of symptoms while one is seeking help. Vertava Health’s suggestions include spending time outdoors to get natural light, lightening up one’s home, exercise, a rigid sleep routine, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and so on. More details about these methods can be found on the center’s website.

Above all else, however, Vertava Health implores that anyone who believes they might be suffering from SAD to get professional help. A representative says, “While at-home remedies can help with the symptoms for most people, the best way to deal with seasonal affective disorder is to get help immediately. Depression is different for everyone, but it is important not to let it control your life. Your treatment for seasonal affective disorder may include a combination of light therapy, medications, and psychotherapy, and it can help you from spiraling down into worse issues.”

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