Vertava Health Announces Expansion To In-Network Insurance Providers

Nashville, TN: Vertava Health recently published an article on their blog announcing the expansion of in-network insurance providers that will be accepted to cover treatment.

Vertava Health is an addiction treatment service provider that explains its goal on their website as helping “individuals get the care they deserve so that they can live out their best future.” Currently, the organization has four branch locations across the country with addiction treatment programs that include detoxification, inpatient and outpatient care, and telehealth options.

The organization has made accessibility to addiction treatment at the forefront of its work, prompting the expansion of insurance providers. The recent article refers to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, citing the fact that “in 2018, an estimated 21.2 million Americans ages 12 and older needed help for a substance use disorder, but only 3.7 million of these people received substance use disorder treatment in the last year.”

According to the treatment center, the number of people who seek treatment may be attributed to the barrier of cost. Health insurance, the article explains, may not always cover addiction treatment. Paying out-of-pocket is an option for when the insurance denies coverage, but it can be an expensive way to pay for treatment. The price may not be feasible for everybody and can deter some away from seeking assistance when they really need it.

No doubt, the coronavirus pandemic has made life especially challenging for those who are in the process of recovering from a substance use disorder and co-occurring mental illness. In the article, Vertava Health explained that this expansion to insurance results in some 20 million individuals covered. This number represents the number of people that could now seek treatment from Vertava Health and be covered by their insurance.

Each of Vertava Health’s four addiction treatment centers, located in Ohio, Texas, Mississippi, and Massachusetts, have adopted the new insurance policy, expanding coverage nationwide.

Expansion is a key characteristic of this treatment center’s approach to helping those with addictions. Besides the expansion of in-network insurance plans, the article hinted at new Vertava Health locations across the country.

The article explained that the insurance expansion was “just one of many steps” taken to improve accessibility. Vertava Health expounded on that idea, declaring that “we are also working to open more facilities throughout the country as well as offer more programs at these facilities that help people in different stages of recovery.”

Looking forward, Vertava Health appears to be observing and responding to the needs of people with unique stories from across the country. Although the new locations and programs are not yet available, the insurance carrier expansion is currently in place.

To learn more about health insurance verification for treatment or request a service, contact a Vertava Health representative by calling (888) 816-8415.


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