Ventura California Dentist Wins Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Award for 4th Consecutive Year

One of the leading dentists in Ventura, California, David Satnick DMD, has just announced that he has won the 2020 Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Award. This marks the 4th consecutive year that this popular area dentist has taken home this honor. The award takes on special significance for him because it’s voted on by people who live close to his dental practice. People are not allowed to vote for a Nextdoor Neighborhood Favorite Award candidate unless they have a registered and verified address in the Ventura, California area.

Dr. Satnick says, “I want to thank everyone in the local community for voting for me for this award. It means a lot coming from people that I see as patients and interact with outside of work every day. Winning it once was an honor and I have no words to express how it feels to win it 4 consecutive times. All I can say is that I will continue to provide the best dental services in the Ventura area and to treat my customers as part of the family while doing that.”

The award-winning dentist says that he feels several reasons have contributed to him winning the award on multiple occasions. A big part of that is how he approaches his work. He says he tries to make a positive difference in his patients’ lives by educating them on proper dental hygiene practices that promote improved dental and overall health. Dr. Satnick stated that he tries to provide a dental environment that is professional but caring, relaxed, and safe at the same time. He does all of this while striving to build lifelong trusting relationships with his patients, his clinic team, and with those he associates within the Ventura community.

This Ventura California dentist enjoys a solid reputation among those that have gotten dental work done by him too. An example of that is the string of perfect 5-star ratings he has received on These come from 28 patients who have experienced his highly rated dental services for themselves. In one of those reviews, Betty D states, “Dr. Satnick, is the best! He’s compassionate & kind. Just an overall good person, besides being a very professional dentist. The entire staff is so warm and loving. You couldn't ask for a more friendly and helpful office. This is the first dentist that I've gone to that doesn't make you feel nervous, the shots, what shots you don't even feel any pain the entire time during your procedures. I highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for an excellent dentist!”

In addition to general dentistry, Dr. Satnick has several dental specialties that he practices. Among the most well-known are his sleep apnea therapies. He says that many people who have sleep problems attribute them to other problems when their root cause may be their breathing at night. His clinic offers several different ways to treat sleep apnea including comfortable alternatives to CPAP setups. He says that people are often referred to him when they need different types of restorative dentistry too. Many people are surprised to learn from him just how far such treatments as dental implants have progressed. Dr. Satnick says that nowadays the implants treatments that he does on his patients are as close to being like real teeth as you can possibly get. He said that he and his team also believe that everyone is entitled to have a beautiful smile. That’s why they practice several different types of cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Satnick says he is proud of the fact that his patients no longer suffer forever from such things as trauma to the teeth area, unsightly yellowness due to smoking, and broken or chipped teeth.

He also mentioned his clinic also offers TMJ therapy, dental emergency treatments, tooth-colored fillings, missing teeth replacement, and smile makeovers. The team he has assembled at the clinic is also well-trained and has access to the most up to date dental resources and technology. More information about Dr. David Satnick DMD can also be found here on his Facebook page at


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