Value of Stones Listed On GEMGOW Went Above $200 Million

GEMGOW, a Dubai, UAE based international diamond and precious metal trading platform, is pleased to announce that the value of the stones listed on the site recently went above $200 million. GEMGOW has a large number of precious stones of almost any variety imaginable listed on their online trading platform. From diamonds and sapphires to rubies and topaz, GEMGOW has dozens of listings available for traders to browse. The platform’s goal is to help a variety of companies realize their commercial potential. Mining companies, gem cutters, dealers and jewelers all have much to gain from using GEMGOW to complete their trades.

“This unified environment allows dealing with different industry-specific raw materials and provides one-stop service for fast and profitable transactions,” says GEMGOW. “Our platform accommodates the demand for raw materials from all members of the jewelry making community. With instant translation of messages into 9 languages supported by the website, you can buy and sell jewelry and raw materials from any place in the world. Do not let your business be limited by geographical bounds, close transcontinental transactions fast and easy. Thanks to the GEMGOW’s multilingual interface, language barriers are removed. GEMGOW is a market where you will understand everyone, and you will be understood!”

Using the powerful e-commerce tools GEMGOW puts at its users’ disposal, companies can manage their growth more effectively and take their organization to new heights in terms of profitability. GEMGOW allows users to optimize their expenses and improve their performance, and a lot of companies have already seen the advantages to be gained from using GEMGOW. The platform is built around a filter-based search engine which allows users to narrow down their search to the type of stone, the cut and quality to find the exact gem they are interested in. With the large number of sellers and buyers on the platform, one can always be sure that the variety of gem or metal they are looking for is available.

The trading platform also has an application that can be downloaded to a phone or tablet and provides constant updates on new arrivals to the GEMGOW catalogue. The convenient tools the app offers allow one to find the best stones in a very short space of time without having to leave the comfort of one’s home or office. Transactions on GEMGOW are known for being fast and easy as the platform allows traders to buy or sell jewelry and raw materials from almost anywhere in the world.

“We at GEMGOW know exactly what the diamond and precious metal trading business is and what the industry needs,” says a GEMGOW representative. “Everything is done online today, and that includes trading. Those that have seen the potential the internet has for business have, in every industry, managed to leverage the advantages of the world wide web to their benefit. We are offering diamond and precious metal traders the opportunity to trade across the world in real time. Buyers can easily find what they are looking for using our filters. Sellers will have their products carefully catalogued to make it easier for buyers to find. Transactions are all but instantaneous, and you can be sure that every single transaction you make with us is safe and secure. We are here to offer the future of gem trading and some have already seen what we can offer.”

GEMGOW is one of the first of its kind, a global online trading platform for precious materials, and the platform has seen a great deal of growth since its inception a few years ago. Recently, the value of all the stones and metals listed on the site reached over $200 million, a sign of the platform’s rapid growth, and GEMGOW hopes to continue to reach such milestones long into the future.

For more information, visit GEMGOW’s site or their Facebook. Here, GEMGOW posts regular updates regarding the platform and the precious material industry in general. One can also download the mobile app for constant updates regarding the diamond trading platform’s catalogue. There is a great deal to be gained from online diamond trade.


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