Vacant Land For Sale In Colorado

Las Vegas, NV real estate investors GreatLandInvestments is pleased to report that they have new land for sale in Colorado. Led by visionaries, Jason and Ysaac, the company is determined to help hopeful landowners find property that speaks to their heart and allows them to fulfil their grandest ambitions. While their scope of interest extends to certain other regions as well, the team at GreatLandInvestments is particularly proud of the work they do in Colorado.

As anyone can attest, obtaining land tends to be a difficult and expensive process, one that offers prospective landowners a plethora of hurdles to overcome before they get the property they want. These challenges are further compounded by the fact that any property in Colorado will likely need some investment before its true potential can be realised. Development takes both time and money, which is why any individual interested in such an endeavor is advised to contact the team at GreatLandInvestments to get started as soon as possible. With the company’s expertise backing them up, GreatLandInvestments says, landowners are bound to experience numerous opportunities for success.

Colorado Land For Sale

At the moment, the agency is drawing attention to a few choice pieces of land that are still up for sale, just waiting for the right owner and the right vision to come along and make something beautiful out of it. One of these properties is a 35.16 acre strip of vacant land for sale that is located in a convenient spot not far off from the gorgeous Sanchez Reservoir. Situated in Elk Park Ranches (EPR), the property represents just over a kilometer’s worth of homesteading potential that an innovative landowner can put to good use. At the moment, it boasts sprawling views of the Colorado skies and landscape to the north and east, with some minor elevation just off to the west. Towards the south and southeast, however, lie a breathtaking view of the nearby mountains.

According to GreatLandInvestments, the site lies only a short drive away from local attractions and other points of interest. This includes the town of San Luis, city of Alamosa, the Red River Ski & Summer Area (a resort), the Taos Ski Valley resort and much more. Those interested in looking over every nearby landmark are welcome to check the listing on the agency’s website. This land is currently available for a cash price of $18,699, but the agency states that they can provide clients with appropriate, direct owner financing options. In this situation, these options include 60 payments of $566.65 with a down payment of $2,000; 72 payments of $472.21 with a down payment of $2,000 and 85 payments of $399.99 with a down payment of $2,000.

Buyers may also be interested to learn that mobile homes may be used on this property (though this requires a permit). Furthermore, outdoor enthusiasts may use the spot to camp for a total of 14 days every three months, effectively allowing one to get away from the pressures of modern life several times a year on extremely accommodating and inviting land. As for power generation, landowners may opt for alternative sources such as wind and solar or get in touch with Xcel Energy to support their electricity demands. Similarly, water can be gained from wells, water tanks, rainwater catchers and so on.

"If you’re looking for land in Colorado,” says Jason Rusk of GreatLandInvestments, “we’re the people you should be speaking to. We know what it’s like to dream of owning your own piece of land, and we have made it our mission to help people like you discover exactly what they’re searching for. Through our amazing locations and associated financing opportunities, you can start bringing your dream to life in no time at all.”

The GreatLandInvestments website offers additional details on the property in question as well, including pictures and other relevant data. Buyers are also welcome to contact Jason Rusk or another member of the GreatLandInvestments team to follow up on any further details. Learn more about the agency’s work and the land they offer at the following link: Colorado Land For Sale.


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