VA Injury Clinic Offers Information on No-Cost Medical Care Following Auto Accidents

The Arlington-based auto accident chiropractor team has created a new blog post, advising accident victims on no-cost post-accident medical care. The accident injury team in Arlington states that victims can get free health coverage for auto accident medical treatment and do not need to suffer through pain and expensive medical bills. Victims of vehicle collisions can benefit from different policies and procedures so they do not need to pay out of pocket.

The blog post lists some of the ways victims can get no-cost post-accident medical care. No-fault automobile insurance is one, state the VA auto accident doctors, suggesting that the personal vehicle insurance provider pays a part of the medical expenses and lost wages for victims of a car accident, irrespective of the fault for the collision. It is also known as a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim, says the Virginia accident injury clinic, suggesting residents to pay extra for additional coverage for PIP protection in the add-on no-fault state.

no cost injury care

The Arlington accident injury chiropractor state that anybody injured on the job can file a case against a third party. Usually, such cases of work-related injury are paid through worker’s compensation that pays medical expenses. These are not common cases, claims the Arlington accident injury team, adding, “But they provide an opportunity for certain individuals to receive treatment from a no-cost accident injury doctor.”

If anybody is injured in an auto accident and they lose their job or medical insurance, states the VA accident injury team, they could qualify for Medicaid.” Victims can check their eligibility for Medicaid by contacting Virginia's Medicaid office. “If you can receive coverage, Medicaid will cover your medical expenses and potentially pay some of your prior bills related to the accident.”

Another type of insurance on the list is Medpay, which is offered by some auto and property insurance providers, offering coverage for medical expenses of people injured in an accident caused by the insured. Med pay policy covers only up to the insured's threshold or under $10,000. That means the victim must pay out of pocket if medical bills exceed the Med Pay policy limitations.

VA accident injury chiropractor cautions victims not to sign additional assistance with expenses, adding “the hospital can't refuse to treat you if you don't sign the assignment of benefits.” Accident victims can combine personal auto insurance with the rest if their health insurance does not cover all healthcare costs, suggests the Arlington auto accident chiropractor. This guarantees that the victim gets no-cost medical care after auto accident injuries.

The no-cost accident care chiropractor in Arlington suggests that some medical facilities can pay for treatment on a lien, adding that “they will provide medical services and wait on your settlement from your injury claim to collect payment.”

The leading VA no-cost accident care chiropractor clinics are happy to accept this form of payment, ensuring that victims receive treatment without delay while the chiropractor receives payment for their services.

Anybody injured in an auto accident can seek help from the Virginia accident injury specialist in Arlington. They are specialists in pain management, chiropractic care, and physical and massage therapy, among others. The VA accident injury team accepts all third party (3rd) accident insurance claims. The leading Arlington, Virginia accident doctors do not hesitate to send the victim’s medical treatment bill to the at-fault party's insurance company.

Those seeking no-cost medical care after an auto accident in Arlington can fill out the form on Jefferson Spine and Injury Center's website to schedule a free injury evaluation.


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