US Coachways Points Out Why a Washington DC Charter Bus Offers a Safer Travel Option During the Ongoing Pandemic

US Coachways is urging those that want to travel safely during the ongoing pandemic to Washington, DC, to strongly consider doing this by means of Charter bus rental. While this reputable charter bus company admits that there is no 100% means of safe travel at this time, they say charter bus rentals allow those that plan a trip to DC more control over the environment that they travel in. This can greatly reduce the risk of exposure to the virus for members of a group as they travel.

A representative of the company, Mark Telmany, says, “This past year is one that most of us never imagined we would see in our lifetimes. It has changed many things about the way that we live and that includes the way we travel. This has also forced travel providers like us to change the way we operate to keep our passengers as safe as possible during these uncertain times. So far, the updating cleaning methods we are using and the added precautions we are taking seem to be limiting virus exposure when combined with our tour groups' ability to control their travel environment.”

Telmany went on to talk more about how traveling by bus has the potential to limit the risk of virus exposure on a trip. When someone books a Washington DC charter bus rental with them, they control most of the parameters for travel within their group. This includes such things as who can travel and what conditions individuals must meet before they get on the bus. An example of this is some groups require their members to be tested for Covid-19 a few days before the trip. He added that the group representatives are also the ones that determine what size bus they charter and how many people may ride on the bus. This is important for those groups that prefer to social distance as they travel. The company representative mentioned that this is also much different than traveling by train or air. That’s because a person has no control over who sits next to them and has no idea if that person has been taking precautions to avoid exposure to the virus. He says this is why there is not only less risk of virus exposure when traveling by charter bus but it offers a travel experience with less worry too.

US Coachways door to door service also plays a part in pandemic safety during their charter bus trips. Telmany pointed out that since their buses drop off a group at the doorsteps of the places they wish to visit in DC, it avoids the risks of taking secondary means of transportation such as Washington, DC’s crowded metro system or taxi’s that do not get thorough cleanings regularly. The group members also do not have to pass through large crowds as they make their way to their scheduled events. He added that their buses are always heavily sanitized before a trip using cleaning methods and solutions that have been shown to meet or exceed CDC standards that help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The company representative also said there are more than just safety concerns that make charter bus travel to DC with them a great option. This includes a group being able to enjoy even the travel portion of their trip while relaxing and letting their experienced professional drivers do the rest. He stated their buses are not like most people have come to expect either. They include such top of the line amenities as spacious plush high-back reclining bucket seats, excellent stereo surround sound systems, on-board bathrooms, and loads of storage space above the seats and under the bus. US Coachways also has several different size charter bus options to choose from. This includes different sizes of minibusses and coaches that will seat anywhere from 1 to 57 passengers.

Telmany says that group leaders that are interested to see how much it would cost for their members to travel safely to Washington, DC by charter bus can do so easily by referring to their website. There US Coachways has added a convenient cost calculator. He says this is a great way for a group to determine what its members would pay for a safer charter bus travel experience. More about US Coachways charter bus rental options can be obtained by calling them or by checking out their informational website.


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