US Coachways Discusses the Benefits of an NYC Bus Rental

US Coachways, a Staten Island, NY-based bus rental services company, wants to point out the various advantages of using a charter bus rental when traveling to New York City. A charter bus rental is typically preferred by people traveling in a group to the Big Apple because of various reasons. Today, with the coronavirus pandemic still raging, a charter bus rental may be the best way to travel for a group because they have complete control of the bus, unlike in the situation where they travel using public transportation, for instance, a public bus, or they travel by individual cars. In fact, a survey showed that people felt safe the most when they travel by using a bus rental.

A primary reason for this is because they have total control of the bus, which means they can dictate various conditions, such as how the passengers are seated, how cool the air conditioning should be, the various stops that they will make, what places to visit in the city, and more.

Furthermore, they can ensure that they will be complying with all of the necessary health protocols. Also, because they are traveling as a group, they will likely know each other and can easily agree as to how they will be seated and they can also discuss the various places they would want to visit and the duration of their stay in the city. With regards to the pandemic, they are assured that the bus has been thoroughly cleaned and properly disinfected.

Mark Telmany, a representative for US Coachways, says, “There's no place on the planet that can hold a candle to the excitement, electricity and energy of New York City. But NYC is not for the faint of heart, especially when navigating the neighborhoods and boroughs, from Brooklyn and the Bronx to Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island. You will not likely want to get behind the wheel of a car and make your way around the city.”

He continues, “At US Coachways, you have access to the largest fleet of luxury charter buses in the country and we have a number of bus types to accommodate your various needs. We'll work closely with you to ensure that you get the right coach for your group and your trip.”

As expected, New York City offers a wide range of sights and sounds for travelers. There are many attractions but travelers will certainly not want getting stuck in traffic or spending a lot of time figuring out how to go from one place to another. With a charter bus rental, people can simply tell US Coachways driver where they want to go.

First of all, there about 40 active theaters in the city with a seating capacity of at least 500 people. There are also hundreds of smaller theaters providing a broad variety of live theatre productions. City visitors can enjoy various theater events, from the new blockbuster plays to the unique offerings of experimental theater to the revues to the Shakespearean plays. While it may be difficult to purchase tickets, some venues provide daily ticket lotteries, where people can get a ticket for as low as $10. The only catch is that one must attend the show for that particular day only.

And because NYC has a long history, there are many national treasures to go to. There are many historical places, including: the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Grant’s Tomb, the birthplace of President Theodore Roosevelt, Ground Zero and the 9/11 Memorial, and various museums.

And with regards to food, the city offers a cornucopia of gastric delights. There are about 32,000 dining alternatives in the five boroughs. And that doesn’t even include the food trucks and vendors on the city streets. And for those who love the nightlife, New York has several offerings through its various districts: Bushwick, Williamsburg, The East Village, The Meatpacking District, and The Lower East Side.

Those who are interested in traveling to New York City and want to know more about the NYC bus rental services provided by US Coachways can check out their website, or contact them through the phone or via email.


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