US Coachways Announces Enhanced Safety Measures for Chicago Bus Rental

US Coachways has announced that the company has now put enhanced safety measures into place for customers interested in Chicago bus rental. The measures either match or exceed all CDC and local government regulations with regard to COVID-19. With passenger and driver safety of paramount importance, the company is continuing to make sure that it stays up to date with today’s constantly changing rules and recommendations. US Coachways always takes swift action to implement new procedures when called upon to do so.

Chicago is an extremely popular choice of destination for many travelers as the city has so much to offer. Chicago has world class museums, a wide range of music to suit all tastes, unbelievable shopping experiences, and cuisines from all around the world. Chicago is not a small town, of course, it is big. Like most big cities, traffic and parking can be a problem and few visitors want to deal with such hassles.

Charter buses have always been popular with travelers to Chicago for those very reasons. And of course, they provide a level of comfort and convenience that other forms of transport rarely match. It is not just visitors to Chicago that choose bus rental though. Many groups in Chicago choose bus rental for trips to destinations outside the city for the same reasons.

In these difficult times, however, there is more than just comfort and convenience to be taken into consideration. Safety has become a prime concern for most people especially when traveling in a group.

A recent survey that asked the question “Which method of transportation do you feel is safest for group travel right now?” showed that only 6% considered air travel safest. Rideshare only had 4% of supporters and trains a mere 3%. An overwhelming 87% of those surveyed considered bus rental to be the safest form of transport.

John McVaney, a PR consultant based in Chicago, said, “Our company organizes a lot of corporate team building trips for companies around the state and country. Safety has obviously become more and more important during the last few months. We have used various transport options in the past, but a rental bus is now our preferred choice and US Coachways’ buses allow us to have complete control of social distancing.”

Mark Telmany, CEO for US Coachways, said, “We run many trips both to and from Chicago and naturally our clients all want to make sure that their people are safe when traveling. Unlike other forms of transport where it’s beyond a company’s control, with a bus they have complete control over how many are on board and that means social distancing can be observed.”

Chicago has always been a popular destination for groups and even in such challenging times it continues to be very popular. The Chicago Institute of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, live theatre, musical venues throughout the city, and, of course, great shopping and dining opportunities, means that the city of Chicago will continue to be a compelling destination.

Mr. Telmany went on to say, “At US Coachways we have implemented all best practices recommended or mandated by the CDC, as well as those from local and federal governments. Our drivers wear any recommended personal protection equipment required which helps keep them and our passengers safe. In response to COVID-19 we have improved and expanded our cleaning procedures and we will continue to ensure we are matching or exceeding all CDC and government regulations.”

Renting one of US Coachways’ vehicles has always meant comfort, convenience, and safety but these high standards are being maintained even in today’s difficult times. Those interested in finding out more about US Coachways and how the company can help groups enjoy the “Windy City” or other destinations safely can find out more by visiting its website. Details of how to contact the company can be found there along with an extremely helpful and easy to use Cost Calculator that allows visitors to pick and choose the best options for their group.


For more information about US Coachways, contact the company here:

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