Uploria Pet World Arrives On The Amazon Store

Cleadon, Sunderland based Uploria Pet World is proud to announce that they have launched their own Amazon store page where they will sell their branded pet healthcare products. The company has also recently recruited Jim Cole as a new manager. Uploria is an independent online store dedicated to offering the best and most uniquely targeted products to keep pets happy, healthy and whole.

Carol Cole of Uploria Pet World says, “Our pets cannot express their pain and discomfort, so it is up to us to understand their unspoken language and provide them with the care and help they need. To that end, Uploria Pet World has been dedicated to creating supplements that will help keep our pets healthy and devoid of pain, infections and anxiety. They can also keep their coats shiny and soft. Our pets deserve nothing short of excellence, and these comforts really add to their overall mental health along with their physical well-being. With the launch of our brand new Amazon store, we are excited to provide our products to more people and help more pets live a happier life.”

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The company’s Amazon store offers all of the products they sell on their own website. Customers can find joint tablets for dogs and cats, omega fish oil capsules for dogs and cats, fast acting diarrhea treatments for dogs, probiotic supplements for dogs and more.

Uploria Pet World hired the services of Jim Cole to help them with their freshly launched Amazon store. In his new role as manager, Jim will oversee the further expansion of the business in all directions. He also set up the Amazon store. Jim Cole has experience with the Amazon platform and has worked in Amazon ads for many years.

The company aims to provide their customers with the best possible purchase experience. Their team guarantees that their products are safe and of very high quality. They believe that when they serve their customers with excellence, it invariably trickles down to providing aid and happiness to their pets. Cole says, “Our ultimate goal is to make your pets happy. We may not be able to scratch their bellies or play with them, but we intend to provide exceptional services through our products so we can indirectly brighten the lives of your pets. Your best friends are always our utmost priority.”

Customers who have used Utopia Pet World’s products have a lot of praise for the company’s products. On an Amazon review for the company’s joint supplements for dogs, one user says, “Our elderly border collie, 13.5 years old, has been slowing down for some time now. A friend recommended Uploria, so we thought we’d give it a try. He’s not running round chasing balls quite like he used to, but he’s certainly got a spring in his step. His movement is better, and he finds it easier to get up after resting. He’s also less grumpy around other dogs, and I can only think that’s because he feels more comfortable now. Would highly recommend this product and will continue to use it.”

In a review for Uploria Pet World’s omega fish oil capsules, another Amazon shopper writes “Capsules arrived in really good time, no issues with delivery. Have been using these for my greyhound for about two weeks now and so far have not had a marked improvement, but I feel it needs a bit longer to know if they are working or not. She suffers with an itchy back, probably due from coming into central heating from concrete kennels for most of her life. I need a bit of time to be able to give an honest review, but so far so good! Has not upset her tummy at all, and she has a lovely shine on her coat.”

Those who are looking for pet health and nutrition products or simply want to learn more about Uploria Pet World can find more information on the company’s website. The company encourages interested parties to get in touch with them via the contact form on their website. Carol Cole can be contacted directly via phone or email for further questions or concerns. Uploria Pet World also maintains a social media presence on Twitter and Facebook.


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