Upflex Highlights How the Pandemic Is Changing Company Culture

New York City-based Upflex Inc. wants to point out how the COVID-19 pandemic is transforming company culture. A Forbes article by Upflex CPO and co-founder Ginger Dhaliwal examines how COVID-19 has greatly affected company culture with business leaders having to reassess their business as quickly as possible. This need to reevaluate has been the stimulus for innovation on how to build the contemporary workplace and maintain a corporate culture online. The article can be found at https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbestechcouncil/2020/12/04/how-the-pandemic-is-transforming-company-culture/?sh=d67c53f7b109.

A study that focused on the current workplace has noted that company culture had improved during the pandemic. They found that 37 percent of the 2,100 adults all over the world who participated in the study had observed that their corporate culture had improved since the pandemic. As a result, 52 percent of the study participants felt that they were more determined since the pandemic started.

An AI-powered research study by CultureX with MIT Sloan Management Review examined a dataset from 1.2 million employee reviews and found that there were 60 distinct values that companies mentioned in their corporate mission statements. The nine most frequently used values were: agility, customer, diversity, collaboration, innovation, integrity, execution, respect, and performance. Of these nine, the values that were significantly affected by the pandemic were agility, innovation, respect, and customer.

As a result of the pandemic, more companies realized the importance of agility as the business environment was drastically changed and they had to find new ways to deliver their products and services. Furthermore, companies have discovered that innovation, respect and customer-centricity have significantly increased in importance in company culture.

Upflex is a company that is deeply immersed in the changing business environment as it has recently introduced Safe Spaces™, a coworking industry program with the goal of helping companies and their employees get access to safe workspaces that have been ascertained to be following WHO and CDC guidelines.

The Safe Spaces™ program offers a number of benefits. These include: providing employees working from home an alternative workspace close by that will allow them to avoid the distractions and redundancy of a home office; making it easier to companies to implement social distancing protocols in their main office by allow a percentage of their workers to work in Upflex workspaces; letting employees avoid commute by offering them access to workspaces near their home; and the provision of an unlimited use package that can be utilized anywhere.

The owners of the safe workspaces are known as Space Partners and they have agreed to follow the CDC guidelines for workspaces in the US or the guidelines from WHO or other relevant governing bodies for workspaces outside the US. The specific Health & Safety policies of each Space Partner is shown on the Upflex website and app. These polices have to do with social distancing, personal hygiene, PPE, cleaning and disinfecting, incident reporting, food and beverage, and engineering controls.

Upflex offers on-demand access to 5,500 locations in 75 countries. Meanwhile, real estate companies and property owners also benefit from Upflex by boosting the flexibility of their portfolio. Other advantages include: global network reach; ability to expand and retract instantly; flexible options for space needs; consolidated legals; agile portfolio; easy budgeting; efficient real estate use; and increased productivity.

The unlimited usage packages offer a number of benefits with regards to finance. These include: reduced real estate costs; efficient business expense reconciliation; efficient financial reporting; better use of resources; Increased profitability; and a single global vendor.

For human resources management, Upflex also offers various benefits. These include: productive workforce; efficient workforce; job satisfaction; hiring incentive; ability to attract millennial talents; flexible workplace; and workforce retention.

Upflex provides an intuitive mobile app for the corporate team to able to book workspaces at any time and anywhere. This app offers the advantages of worldwide access, accredited spaces, and easy booking.

Those who would like to know more about the safe coworking spaces provided by Upflex may want to check out their website, or contact them on the telephone or via email.


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