Upflex, A Workplace Solutions Company, Is Redefining The Hub And Spoke Model

The coronavirus pandemic has brought along with it a sea change in how the workforce decides to operate. Gone are the traditionally upheld conventions of how and where an employee needs to be located to participate in the productive economy. The ubiquity of technology that makes remote work possible is one of the primary reasons that location is no longer a consideration when hiring employees. This has also had an effect on existing employees who have realized that they can choose to move away from urban centers and still have a fulfilling career with the same level of interaction with their colleagues.

Businesses have responded to this exodus to the suburban area by rethinking the classical headquarter model. The new trend that is picking pace is the Hub & Spoke model of operations which places satellite offices in smaller suburban areas rather than a densely populated main center. These satellite offices are popping up all over the country. They are driving the newest innovations in an organization’s processes. However, Upflex is offering an alternative to this paradigm that can potentially save businesses time, hassle, and money.

Upflex is a platform that brings together companies that are looking to establish an existing or new flexible office and vendors who are offering coworking spaces all across the country. Currently, there are over 670 coworking brands partnered with Upflex. The company looking to establish a base of operations simply has to purchase a membership to Upflex for their employees. This saves the company the time and effort of renting a satellite space in the desired location. The membership to Upflex gives the company’s employees access to every coworking space and flexible office available in Upflex’s 5,500 partner locations in 1,600 cities and 75 countries around the world.

The company’s CEO Christophe Garnier is betting that employees will prefer to work on a flexible schedule which involves splitting their time across Upflex’s hub offices and working from home or any other location that they might find the most convenient. Since the office is managed by the service provider, the employees can always find the perfect space available for them, even if the employee decides to take a month off from their main location to any of the network’s other offices all around the world.

When asked about the company’s vision for the future of coworking, Garnier says, “Because we aggregate space from so many different operators, using Upflex significantly reduces the cost of a hub-and-spoke model for employers. It also gives employees the unique experience of being truly free to choose how they want to work.”

In technical terms, the Upflex Platform acts as a clearinghouse for flexible office space. A clearinghouse is a designated intermediary between a buyer and seller in a financial market. Upflex allows companies, regardless of size to book all the resources they might need such as desks, conference rooms, or private offices through its unified digital platform. The company offloads the difficult task of managing logistics and access control to technology giving its clients the flexibility to choose schedules for teams and individual employees as they see fit. It can be a lifesaver for the companies that are still dealing with the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic and figuring out how to scale back up to regular operations gradually with the least amount of friction.

The company also offers valuable insights into employee behavior through the use of data. They can view the statistics for heavy users and decide on important budget metrics such as expanding or reducing budgets for space. This granular control allows companies to fine-tune their space utilization.

Talking about the strength of the company’s analytics capabilities, Garnier says, “Hub-and-spoke is all about optimizing your CRE spend in the future. But putting a technology platform behind it provides you with a level of granularity and analytics to let you be on the pulse of your employees’ usage of space.”

The company cites the example of Schneider Electric, a French energy solutions firm with 135,000 employees worldwide, that launched hub-and-spoke solutions through Upflex in December in collaboration with Colliers International to great success. Upflex’s Safe Spaces coworking program allows workers to choose workspaces adhering to CDC and WHO guidelines to ensure their health and safety.


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