Unlimited Drilling & Foundation Inc. Offers Professional Home Landslide Repair Services

Santee, CA based Unlimited Drilling & Foundation Inc. is pleased to announce that they offer professional home landslide repair and other related services. Unlimited Drilling & Foundation Repair has been specializing in foundation repair, retaining walls and property drainage since 1993. For over 20 years, they have accomplished over a thousand projects while maintaining each client’s budget and finishing every project at the given time. They pride themselves on being able to complete their projects properly on their first try.

One of the key services Unlimited Drilling & Foundation Inc. provides is foundation repair and fortifications. An essential key to making sure that a home is strong and well-established is creating a strong foundation for it. Poor drainage and construction issues affect the structural integrity of a house, which is why it is vital to ensure that the foundations always maintain their load bearing capacity. Fortunately, the team at Unlimited Drilling is highly skilled when it comes to repairing and fortifying foundations.

Another service Unlimited Drilling is known for is building retaining walls. Designing a concrete retaining wall greatly varies from the location up to the material used. Every detail during the process must be thoroughly managed, and Unlimited Drilling has a reputation for doing it well. They design retaining walls based on the local area requirements and build them using quality construction methods and materials.

Those looking to fortify their California homes may contact professional foundation experts like those at Unlimited Drilling to get started. Their team will help design, estimate and plan for all the materials that will be needed for the construction. Depending on the location, they will also recommend several types of building materials, such as block walls, poured concrete, steel beam, pipe pile and more.

As noted on the company’s website, concrete is commonly and widely used for home landslide repairs. However, steel beams or pipe piles are used on extreme slopes (when a concrete wall is cost-prohibitive). The type of building methods and materials that Unlimited Drilling recommends to their clients largely depends on the homeowner’s budget and property size. During the design phase, Unlimited Drilling may also suggest the most suitable construction methods and materials if deemed necessary.

In addition to fortifying foundations and building retaining walls, Unlimited Drilling also specializes in slope stabilization where they make sure it is safe to establish a home in a property at the base of a hill. Whether made of blocks or wood, Unlimited Drilling can do the job quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the company’s dedication to providing high-quality home landslide repair services at competitive rates, Unlimited Drilling & Foundation Inc. has received great reviews for their services. Anita says in a 5-Star Google review, “Wow, these guys were so friendly and helpful. We had concerns about the retaining wall we built 10+ years ago and so spoke with Joe Azar directly. He asked great questions and also requested that we send out some pics. We did so, and I can't believe how helpful he was. He told us exactly what we need to do to reinforce the wall and ensure it will be stable as we finish redoing our backyard. And this all happened in one day. I would highly recommend reaching out to them. You don't get communication like that from most businesses. Thanks, Joe!”

Meanwhile, Joe Povoas says in another glowing Google review, “Hired Unlimited Drilling and Foundations to remove and replace an existing stabilization wall on one side of our home and to build a retaining wall along the backside to enable us to have a level backyard. As Joe says on his website, you are hiring him and his crew, not subcontractors. Joe stopped by almost every day to either consult with his crew, deliver materials and equipment and, most often, to actually dig in and work. Not only does Unlimited do great work, which shows from their finished product, but equally important, Joe Azar and his crew are really great guys who are hard working, intelligent, resourceful, respectful and honest. We were never surprised with unexpected costs, and the project came in on budget. We highly recommend Joe Azar at Unlimited Drilling and would never hesitate to hire them again!”

Those looking for a company that provides professional home landslide repair and other services, such as slope stabilization and retaining walls, may check out Unlimited Drilling & Foundation Inc by visiting their website. Learn more here: Home Landslide Repair San Diego.


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