Unleashed Pest Control Hires New Bed Bugs Specialist

Unleashed Pest Control, a local pest control company in Southern California, has hired its first ever bed bug specialist to help with the growing problem of infestation. The company is seeking to hire more specialists as well as increase the number of treatments for these pests. "It's getting worse," says owner and CEO Michael Johnson. "We're seeing an uptick in infestation rates due to people traveling more often." He also notes that many hotels have had recent outbreaks which can potentially lead to another area being infested with bed bugs if it isn't properly treated or taken care of. Michael has been in the pest control industry for 20 years and says he's seen bed bugs pop up every few years but it is only recently that they have really become a problem. "It was always an issue, you would get them once or twice per year at most," Michael tells us. "But now we're getting multiple calls every day."

The pest control company says it has been having trouble keeping up with all of the bed bug calls that they have been getting recently. They have been trying to hire more pest control specialists for a while now but it has been hard because they are not certified. Just recently they brought on bed bug specialist Tony Allen to help keep up with the infestations. Tony says that he has been working in the field for six years and he knows what to do when dealing with bed bugs. Tony, who was hired as an additional member of Unleashed Pest Control Company’s team, said that he treats every case differently because there are various scenarios where bed bugs could be crawling around

The company says that one of the best ways to keep from having bed bugs is just regular cleaning and vacuuming your house, making sure you change out the sheets every other day, checking luggage when coming home after traveling, and washing dirty clothes immediately after coming home from an overnight trip.

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