Unity Spine & Joint Discusses Reasons to Pursue Regenerative Medicine in Glendale

Unity Spine & Joint, which is based in Tempe, AZ, has recently published a blog post that presents important reasons for pursuing regenerative medicine in Glendale. Advanced regenerative medicine can offer therapies and services for relieving pain for patients with a chronic condition or have suffered an injury. Such therapies and services may not just serve to alleviate the pain but they may also enhance balance and mobility, and more.

The advanced pain management therapy that they provide at Unity Spine & Joint address the pain at its root cause. This is in contrast to the treatment provided by conventional doctors who typically address only the symptoms. If the root cause of the pain is not addressed, it will keep returning, resulting in a long-term dependency on doctors and their pain relieving medications. On the other hand, regenerative medicine therapies are designed to make the patients less dependent on medications. Instead, the said approach targets a particular area of the body that is the root cause of the pain. Through corrective action in the targeted area, thorough and long-lasting relief from pain is achieved.

Dr. Thomas Morgan, a physician at Unity Spine & Joint, says, “One major benefit of pursuing this type of care is the ability to get an individualized and completely needs-specific approach to treatment. Far too often, doctors treat all types of chronic pain in a very generalized way. They may issue an umbrella diagnosis and offer strategies and solutions that have a very one-size-fits-all appeal. With a more personalized manner of care, however, every patient can move closer to his or her health and well-being goals in a swift and comfortable way. This makes these services ideal for anyone who’s been receiving traditional or conventional medical care for quite some time, and without recognizing any significant or lasting improvements.”

It is also possible for the providers of regenerative medicine and chiropractic treatment in Glendale to create specific, multi-pronged or multi-dimensional treatment plans for patients who require extensive treatment. Various strategies are used at once with each type of therapy offering some benefit or bolstering the impact of the other therapies. This can substantially boost the speed of recovery and cause significant improvements in health and well-being, without the patient having to suffer any side effects or any excessive amount of risks.

The service provider at Unity Spine & Joint can collaborate with the patient’s regular doctor to ensure proper implementation and integration of care. Most of the approaches that they use can be seamlessly and safely integrated with conventional medical care. This means that patients who consult with a regenerative medicine provider need not stop taking all other kinds of treatment. Instead, the two forms of medical care can be used simultaneously to ensure faster recovery and benefit from a broader range of general health improvements.

It is important to note that because of injury, illness, self-neglect, or natural aging, the self-repair abilities of the body can weaken. It is through the needs-specific treatments provided at Unity Spine & Joint that this self-repair ability can be returned to its original state and ensure maximum health benefits.

When using pain relief medications, there is the risk of dependency or addiction, including suffering from various side effects, such as nausea, headaches, impaired driving abilities, fatigue, and more. Using a natural and needs-specific method of treatment that focuses on the root cause of the pain will minimize the need for pain medication. And there may even be some situations when regenerative medicine strategies may totally eliminate the need for taking any pain relief drugs. For example, amniotic allographic injections may often offer a more natural and safer way of relieving pain and restoring function instead of highly invasive surgeries and the use of pain medication for a long period.

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