Unicorn Balloon Piggy Bank the Perfect Gift for Kids, Teens, and Adults Who Refuse to Grow Up

Vancouver, British Columbia based Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc is pleased to announce that their series of balloon piggy banks now come in the shape of a large unicorn.

The company states that their new product is perfect for kids, teens and even adults who wish to remain young at heart. The balloon piggy bank is not only the perfect gift and a must-have item for serious unicorn fans, enthusiasts and aficionados, it is also a sweet and gentle reminder to keep on dreaming and to save along the way.

Addressing the children among their customers, the company states that the unicorn piggy bank, despite being the majestic money bank of mythical proportions that it is, sadly does not come with magical powers. Instead, they say that it can bring a sense of cheer, delight and positivity to a newborn baby’s nursery. Additionally, it could also teach toddlers about the magic of saving and how nearly anything is possible if a person saves enough for it.

Designed by Natasha Ho, the large unicorn balloon piggy bank measures at 11” L x 5.25” W x 10” H and is made out of high-gloss electroplated ceramic. It has a rubber stopper at its base, making it easy for owners to collect their hard-earned savings. It is also handmade, using toxic-free paint and other materials that make it safe for children. The unicorn piggy bank comes in four shiny colors: rainbow, pink, silver and gold and comes in a full-color gift box with styrofoam for added protection.

As noted on the company’s website, Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc sells a variety of balloon piggy banks that come in many shapes, such as pigs, penguins, monkeys and more. They explain that their reasoning for designing a series of so-called, “artsy-fartsy money banks in the shape of balloon animals,” are clowns. Freddie Boersma of Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc explains, “Clowns are sometimes scary, and a lot of people have undoubtedly been traumatized by them during children’s birthday parties. However, it is a fact that clowns are good for two things: their oversized shoes and the way they can fold and twist balloons to turn them into dogs, giraffes and other animals. We are inspired by them—that is why we created a series of money banks in the likeness of balloon animals.” He further clarifies that their products are not actual balloons but made from very shiny and glossy ceramic. Unlike clowns, their piggy banks are also not scary at all.

Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc initially began their work in the 90s, a time where, based on their statements, neon colors, tracksuits and boldly colored accessories were pretty much the norm. With the music and art scene booming during this period, Made By Humans (and eventually Made By Humans 2) emerged as the go-to shop for fun office accessories and gift items.

They have a team that consists of creative problem solvers, quirky innovators, and passionate individuals. They not only design and create imaginative and playful contemporary accessories and unique gifts, they are also able to find the balance between aesthetic value and functionality. Their products are bold and whimsical but always functional and useful, making for a strong statement of decor.

Fueled by their incredible passion, Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc believes in putting, “people over business.” This philosophy has been the cornerstone of their entire business since the very beginning. It is also the reason their leaders are personally involved in every stage of the production process, from the conceptualization of the product up until it finally gets in their customer’s hands. They want their customers to be able to express their own unique personality, whether it be with an unusual desk accessory or a whimsical decor accent to add to a stylish modern home.

Moreover, Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc asserts that the large unicorn balloon piggy bank is the perfect birthday gift for loved ones or for people who simply want to treat themselves. Those interested in learning more about Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc, their unicorn piggy bank and their other products may find more information at the following link: https://madebyhumans.com/collections/balloon-piggy-banks/products/balloon-money-bank-large-unicorn. Customers may connect with Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements as well.


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