Ultimate Flags Inc Receives New Five-Star Client Review

Ultimate Flags Inc, a company with headquarters in Okeechobee, Florida, announced it had received another stellar Five-Star Review from a satisfied customer. The client mentioned how great the flag looked from the main interstate.

Ultimate Flags has been online for twenty-two years, providing high quality flags and banners and satisfying thousands upon thousands of customers in the process. But the company not only provides political banners, US flags, and patriot flags. It is a custom banner and flag maker that will meet any customer request. The company is well-known for the quality of its products as well as its attentiveness and attention to detail.

Customer provided image of Trump flag

Rebecca R. is the customer who left the review, stating how good the flag looked and how it could be seen from the interstate. One can go to the company’s Google My Business listing to read the review.

Said company spokesperson, J. Hough, “Our company is really appreciative of the feedback we get from all our clients. We value the time they take out of their day to let us know about our products and customer service.” The company continued by stating that their customer service and quality of the products is at the number one priority.

Stated G. Hough, company owner, “When we receive these great reviews from our clients, it lets us know we’re going in the right direction. That is not to say that all of our reviews are five-star. However, when we get a negative review, it gives us feedback on things we need to work on to improve what we are doing. We are happy when we receive great reviews, but we also pay attention to less than stellar reviews and make sure not to repeat the same mistakes that caused the less than stellar review in the first place. We also go out of our way to correct our mistakes.”

Ultimate Flags Inc is a proudly American manufacturer that goes out of its way to ensure that every customer gets the same quality products with top-of-the-line customer service. The company’s goal is to get all of its customers to leave the same stellar review.

Noted J. Hough, “In the twenty-two years that our website has been online, we’ve always made a significant effort to make sure all of our customers are satisfied. Sometimes we do not reach the satisfaction goal, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t set out to or make every attempt to reach that lofty goal.”


Anyone interested in learning more about Ultimate Flags can read the previous press release here, visit the website or any of the company’s social media profiles.


For more information about Ultimate Flags, contact the company here:

Ultimate Flags
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