Ultimate Flags Commemorates Historical Battles And Honors American Soldiers

Okeechobee, Florida based Ultimate Flags is extending their community an invitation to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of the Battle of the Ironclads. The company will also honor the fallen American soldiers who fought in this war as well as every other one.

"The Battle of the Ironclads, as we have come to know it, was a memorable event where the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia faced each other in combat. This was back on March 9th, 1862 and since then, this event has passed as one of the most important days of American history," states J. Hough of Ultimate Flags. With this important date approaching, the company took it upon themselves to share the history of the event along with a narrated video of the battle in order to help educate others about it. Find it here: Video Of Battle.

Battle of the Ironclads

"We all learned about the Monitor and the Merrimac in school," states the company through their latest blog post. "At the time, when it battled the Monitor, the Merrimac was actually named Confederate Ship Virginia, and it had never been defeated in battle. Its Union nickname was ‘Rebel Monster,’ and while she started her life as the wood-hulled Merrimac, the Rebels rebuilt her as an ironclad, with a 2-inch steel plate after she was burned and sunk."

Admiral Buchanan was in command of the Virginia ship during her first battle. Under his command, she would go on to fight numerous battles, through which she gained significant renown. By the time of her encounter with the Union ironclad Monitor, she was already feared as one of the most powerful ships in the US.

Through their blog post, the company states, "On the morning of the USS Monitor & CSS Virginia battle, the Virginia had already been fighting for several days, while the Monitor had arrived at the battle the day prior. As Union and Confederate crowds watched from opposite shores, the world’s first battle between iron ships began. The ‘floating barn roof’ Virginia and the 172-foot ‘cheesebox on a raft’ blasted away at each other."

While each ship had its own advantages over the other, the battle was quite even and it was not clear who would win. The monitor could fire once every eight minutes or so, but was faster. The Virginia had steamed that day without her cast iron solid shotshells, loading shells most effective against wooden ships. She had not expected a Yankee ironclad.

Thick armor protected both ships from vital damage. By the end, the Virginia was hit 20 times while the Monitor endured 23 hits. The battle ended in a draw, though had the ships been made out of wood, they would both have been sunk. Through their battle, both of these ships showed the world that the day of wooden navies was indeed over.

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