Ultimate Flags Celebrates Presidents Day 2021

Ultimate Flags Inc, a company based in Okeechobee, Florida, is proud to announce that they are celebrating the upcoming 2021 President’s Day on February 15th. They also would like to remind US citizens that President’s Day is a public holiday where people are expected to display an American flag outside their home or business. This is due to the patriotic background of this holiday in a way that is similar to Memorial Day and July 4th. Ultimate Flags has videos honoring American history and those who are interested may want to watch historical videos on Ultimate Flags YouTube channel.

Jonica Hough, co-owner of Ultimate Flags, says, “When displaying the American flag on President’s Day, remember that it is the symbol of our country. Therefore, make sure that you are displaying it properly. For instance, never allow the flag to touch the ground or floor and don’t display it in bad weather, unless it has been designed as an all-weather flag. It should never be displayed upside down except to indicate an emergency.”

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President’s Day is celebrated on the third Monday of February, and for this year, this falls on February 15. Its purpose is to commemorate the presidencies of past leaders of the United States. It should be noted that despite being a federal holiday, states have been given the freedom to name it as they wish and whether or not to observe it as a public holiday in their state. Thus, Ultimate Flags is celebrating President’s Day this year on February 15. Those who are interested may also want to see their previous news on their media room.

President’s Day started in 1800, which was one year after the death of President George Washington. On that day, Americans began celebrating the birthday of the country’s first president following his death. But it was only in the 1870s that it was officially designated as a federal holiday. The initial proclamation has been only for the District of Columbia but it was expanded to include the whole country in 1885.

Today, President’s Day is no longer celebrated on February 22 because of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. This law was passed in the late 1960s with the goal of shifting the dates of certain holidays to allow people to have three day weekends to allow employees to have a longer time to celebrate and spend time observing those holidays. It was also noted that three day holiday weekends tend to attract more tourists, which is good for the economy.

Meanwhile, since Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th, the legislators who wrote the Uniform Monday Holiday Act decided to make the holiday a combined celebration of the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln. Thus, what was originally known as “Washington’s Day” became “President’s Day.” And at present, it has evolved into a holiday that celebrates all American presidents, past and present, whether living or deceased.

Meanwhile, Ultimate Flags is a company that makes flags and ribbons to symbolize a particular cause, including love of country, a specific organization, or a vote for a particular politician. The flag company was purchased by Jonica and Glenn Hough from the man who established the business on July 4, 1997.

The flags and symbols that are made by Ultimate Flags include all USA flags; patriotic/ Betsy Ross flags; 50 star USA flags; patriotic USA tall banner flags/ feather flags; old/ historic USA flags; and all American themed items, including hats, pins, signs, gear, and more.

The flags and other items that they make can be subdivided into various categories. These include USA flags, Confederate States of America, Gadsden flags, political flags, come and take it flags, 2nd Amendment flag, rebel flags and Confederate flags, pirate flags, Deo Vindice, historic war flags, additional flags, military flags, Texas flags and items, fire department flags and items, police/ law enforcement flags and items, cool flags, US state flags, country and national flags, first responder flags, garden flags, advertising flags, window clips, peace flags, St. Patrick’s Irish flags, Christian flag, holiday flags, real estate portable flags, boat flags or nautical flags, car flags, religion flags, Scotland flags, hats and ball caps, international flags, license plates and metal signs, hardware and flag poles, truck flags, and cool gifts/ products.


People who would like to know more about the flags and ribbons offered by Ultimate Flags may want to visit Ultimate Flags website, or contact them on the telephone, or through email.


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