Ultimate Flags Celebrates Patriotism With New Offer

Okeechobee, FL based Ultimate Flags Inc is pleased to announce that they are celebrating patriotism across America by offering free flags with a certain number of purchases. Known for pairing their outstandingly high quality products with superior customer service, the company invites communities across the country to join in the celebration and order their favorite flags to fly high at home.

According to the company, a customer needs to be aware that their sale has certain conditions that affect which items they get for free (as well as how many). For instance, a customer may buy 2 items from the store and get any third item of an equal or lesser value to the lowest priced purchased item for free. This is also applicable to the majority of the store’s products, so customers are welcome to search long and hard for the specific items they want to make the most of this deal, choosing from an array of flag poles, flag sets, hats, license plates and so on.

USA Flags for sale Made in USA

The type of item, its design and several other factors can be mixed and matched to the customer’s content as well. Ultimate Flags states that the price of the items purchased is the only factor they consider when determining what a customer is eligible to receive. Any ‘item’ in this context is any product that is separately charged for (a set of flags, for instance, would count as one item if sold as a single set). Additionally, there may be an additional delivery charge for the ‘free’ items.

The team at Ultimate Flags is also proud to add that this sale will extend with the number of purchases a customer makes. Should they buy 4 items, they will get 2 free. Similarly, if they buy 10 items, they will get 5 free and so on.

The company encourages everyone to look up Ultimate Flags reviews online to see what other customers have said about their products and the prompt assistance their customer service representatives provide. The company currently holds an impressive 4.9-Star rating on the Google platform alone, with the vast majority of the reviews they have received awarding their products a full 5-Star rating for their high quality manufacture, durability, beauty and more.

According to one such review, Sherirey R. ordered another flag from a different platform (one that hosted many different vendors) prior to discovering Ultimate Flags only to, “realize that it was one sided only and the material looked cheap. I ordered a Trump flag from Ultimate Flags and before long my flag arrived. My first thought was 'Now this is a flag.' It was sturdy, well made, two-sided, had bright colors, was nicely stitched and well priced. Best of all, the flags are made in America! I love it, and when my American flag needs to be replaced, it will be with Ultimate Flags Inc.”

Another review from Erin T. gives the company a top rating as well. The review explains that Ultimate Flags Inc goes, “Way above and beyond with product and customer satisfaction. Fast response to emails, great customer service and stellar product. Definitely will be giving future business! Highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for quality flags. 100% satisfied with the extremely large selection of flags as well. A++, keep up the phenomenal work!”

New customers will note that the company has also taken the additional measure of responding to each of the reviews here, thanking customers for their feedback as well as following up on any concerns raised. A cursory look at the review pages for virtually any other business will show that this is a fairly rare occurrence, with customer reviews on such platforms largely going unanswered. At Ultimate Flags, however, the team is fully committed to staying in touch with their community and maintaining a two-way line of communication. This allows them to focus on what their customers want as well as make swift changes whenever the situation calls for it.

Furthermore, Ultimate Flags’ patriotism was recently demonstrated in another instance when they celebrated George Washington's birthday on February 22 this year. The company states, “Celebrating our Nation's Founder is an integral part of recognizing the struggles that our country faced during its inception and the long roads we have traveled to get to where we are today. It is our distinct pride and pleasure to celebrate his achievements, just as we would celebrate the achievements of other people who contributed to the nation’s progress throughout history."


More information can be found on the company’s official website and other online resources. Customers may reach out to Jonica Hough of Ultimate Flags Inc to follow up on any further inquiries as well.


For more information about Ultimate Flags Inc, contact the company here:

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