Ultimate Flags Celebrates Mother's Day with Sale

Ultimate Flags Inc, a company based in Okeechobee, Florida, is happy to announce that they are celebrating Mother’s Day with a sale. Whether she is a proud patriot, rebel, girly girl, or a tom-boy, Ultimate Flags has something for every special lady. With their Mix & Match Sale, customers can buy any two flags and get a 3rd item free! With flags, hats, signs, tags, belt buckles, and more, they have something for everyone in the family. Ultimate Flags specializes in excellent service and quality flags delivered to the customer’s door. It is important to note that a continuing focus of the company is their celebration of patriotism, which people can learn more about by visiting their Honoring Those Who Serve FB page.

“We love being part of those special events that bring a smile to someone's face. It really makes our work rewarding!” says Jonica Hough, co-owner of Ultimate Flags. In addition, to celebrating Mother’s Day, they continue to celebrate patriotism with their flags and other products, and they are emphasizing this through a promotion. With this promotion, a customer who buys two items on the site can get a third item free of charge. This is applicable for most items in the store, including hats, flag poles, flag sets, license plates, and more, including any size or quality of flag.

Mothers day flag

The various items that are available through Ultimate Flags are designed to function as a symbol of a particular cause, such as love of country, a vote for a specific politician, or a certain organization. This flag company was acquired by Jonica and Glenn Hough from the man who established the company on July 4, 1997, which is indicative of that person’s patriotism. Glen and Jonica have strived to continue this patriotism, which can be seen in the products that they are offering.

Meanwhile, customers have mostly positive things to say about Utimate Flags and their products. For example, Marty J. gave them a five-star rating and said, “I just received my 5x8 US 13 star flag. Excellent craftsmanship. This was my third flag from Ultimate Flags and the latest addition to my collection of historic flags and I think this is the best yet. If you want a quality product I can strongly recommend Ultimate Flags.” People can see more of Ultimate Flags 5 star reviews by checking out their Google Maps page.

Jonica Hough says, “We work hard to get as many 5 star reviews as possible. Because when someone leaves a review, it helps to let everyone know exactly who they are doing business with. And it helps new customers make a positive buying decision which leads to a positive experience for everyone. We are truly grateful for all our customers who take the time to speak kindly about us to others.”

The flags that are available through Ultimate Flags can be classified into a number of categories. These include Gadsden flags, political flags, Confederate States of America flags, 2nd Amendment flags, rebel flags and Confederate flags, come and take it flags, Deo Vindice, historic war flags, pirate flags, military flags, Texas flags and items, additional flags, police/ law enforcement flags and items, cool flags, fire department flags and items, country and national flags, first responder flags, US state flags, advertising flags, USA flags, garden flags, peace flags, St. Patrick’s Irish flags, window clips, holiday flags, real estate portable flags, Christian flags, car flags, religion flags, boat flags or nautical flags, hats and ball caps, international flags, Scotland flags, hardware and flag poles, truck flags, license plates and metal signs, and cool gifts/ products.


People who would like to learn more about the flags, ribbons and other provided by Ultimate Flags can check out their website, or contact them through the telephone, or via email. Those who are interested may also want to visit their Honoring Confederate Heritage FB page. They are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


For more information about Ultimate Flags Inc, contact the company here:

Ultimate Flags Inc
Jonica Hough
(863) 467-0584
Ultimate Flags Inc
10185 NE 22 St
Okeechobee, FL 34974