U-Guard Security Products LLC Introduces 2021 Lifetime Warranty Policy for Self Defense Products

U-Guard Security Products LLC, a self-defense products company based in Lebanon, Georgia, has released its new 2021 warranty policy for its self defense products. The company provides self defense gear and self defense equipment that are legal and are less lethal, such as stun guns, pepper sprays, tasers and personal alarms. The company offers a limited lifetime warranty on the majority of the self-defense products that are sold and purchased through its website. Whenever applicable, they may increase the regular manufacturer warranty to limited lifetime warranty.

The limited lifetime warranty for the self-defense weapons like the stun guns for sale means that the failure of the product from manufacturing defects in both workmanship and materials are covered, with certain exceptions such as when the damage was caused by misuse, accident, abuse, moisture, lack of reasonable care, loss of parts, or using attachments that have not been provided with the product.

Announce 2021 U-Guard Lifetime Warranty

U-Guard Security Products LLC also offers a life defend warranty for its 3-in-1 self-defense sprays, tear gas sprays, and oc pepper sprays manufactured in the US. This means that those who buy U-Guard Brand defense sprays are covered for life. Customers don’t need to buy another if the self-defense spray expires before it is used. They only need to return the full expired canister and they will receive a replacement canister of the same size of same or similar formulation, free of charge. And for those who had to use the spray, customers will just need to return the empty canister and a copy of the police report or authority documentation indicating it was used for self defense and it will be replaced for free. Those who want to get more information about the company’s lifetime warranty policy may want to contact them or visit their website.

U-Guard Security Products offers a broad variety of tasers, pepper sprays, survival products, camping, spy gear, surveillance equipment, less lethal weapons, and stun guns for sale.

All orders for legal self defense weapons are provided by U-Guard Security Products LLC with free shipping. The company also promises that all orders are prepared for shipping and ready within a time span of 24 hours and all of these self defense weapons are shipped free. These orders and shipments are limited to the US because of restrictions or regulations on a number of these products. And in addition to the limited lifetime warranty where a warranty replacement is provided in case of a defect in the workmanship or materials used, U-Guard Security Products LLC also provides a customer satisfaction guarantee.

The company has also recently posted on its website, the most up-to-date information on laws governing stun gun weapons and other similar personal defense weapons. Currently, only the states of Hawaii and Rhode Island have made it illegal to purchase, own, and use stun guns and utilize them for civilian self-defense. However, it is important to note that it is always illegal to use these self defense weapons for breaking the law or committing a crime.

People who are interested in knowing more about these self defense products, including personal alarm device and self defense products for women, and their product guarantee may want to visit the website of U-Guard Security Products at www.uguardsecurityproducts.com, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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