Tyler News And Talk Community Outreach

Tyler, TX #tyler-tx – Infotainment Radio announced today a service to help business owners in the community and city of Tyler.

TylerNewsAndTalk.Com - Tyler Community Outreach

TylerNewsAndTalk.Com will be contacting hundreds of businesses in the area to update and publish via its website network any changes the business has had since the COVID-19 crisis as a courtesy and also a quick reference for its customers and consumers within Tyler, TX which covers most of Smith County.

Many industries have been impacted and Tyler News and Talk is making it easier and faster for consumers to get information on local businesses in Tyler.

To read how the free updates will take place and be published go here: https://tylernewsandtalk.com/single/44-tyler-community-outreach.

In addition, consumers can get up to date LOCAL News, weather, events and DEALS in the city of Tyler.

The official hashtag for AtlantaNewsAndTalk.Com is #tyler-tx.


For more information about Infotainment Talk Radio, contact the company here:

Infotainment Talk Radio
Troy Warren
(800) 845-TROY (8769)
28202 Cabot Road, STE 300
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677