Twin Creeks Shuts its Kitchen in The Fairways Until Further Notice

January 2022 (Luddenham, NSW) - Twin Creeks management announced the closure of their Kitchen every Monday and Tuesday in The Fairways Restaurant until further notice. Several of their Food & Beverage staff have been tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the closure of the Bar & Restaurant for the next seven days. The club will assess the situation over the week and look to reopen next Thursday.

All Golf will be operating as usual however the management will be heavily monitoring the situation and kindly ask anyone experiencing even mild symptoms not to attend the club during this time. The management is prudent regarding social distancing and proper hygiene for their customers. They make sure that people who come into the Restaurant follow all government-issued health protocols to prevent the spread of the virus, especially with the new variant Omicron being so prevalent right now. The management follows the proper channels set by the NSW Health Department, so customers need to check out these protocols before entering The Fairways Restaurant. The Restaurant is equipped with proper ventilation, so no customers are at risk of viruses being spread throughout the area. 

As Covid-19 continuously spreads, the management of Twin Creeks is making sure that everyone who enters their premises follows all the health protocols given by the government. This experience will serve as a lesson to everyone to spread awareness and prevent the further spread of viruses. The management and staff at Twin Creeks would like their customers to understand the entire situation. The company aims to ensure that they are following proper channels and not preventing the customers from enjoying the Golf course experience. The management extends their apologies for any inconvenience caused by this temporary closure and reopening of the Restaurant.


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