Twin Cities PC Repair Offers Professional Computer And Printer Services

Eagan, MN based Twin Cities PC Repair is pleased to inform their community that they offer a professional repair service for damaged computers as well as computer printers. Recently, the company extended their computer repair services to residents of Lakeville and the surrounding areas.

Twin Cities PC Repair believes that having a computer and a printer at home is essential for the modern workflow because such devices help people efficiently complete a variety of tasks, such as encoding and printing data as well as communicating with others. In addition, as the COVID-19 pandemic has caused many establishments to close, more and more businesses are shifting their operations online. This makes it vital for one to have a good quality PC regardless of whether they are a customer or an employee.

However, the company acknowledges that, despite the expected reliability of computers and printers, they are still prone to damage. For instance, monitors, keyboards and other important parts may malfunction when they are exposed to liquids. On the other hand, printers that have been used for a long time might have clogged cartridges that lead to inkblots and printing errors. Malicious hackers may also remove firewalls and other forms of protection to spread viruses and corrupt the PC user’s data. In fact, a recent study from Ibis World shows that there are currently more than 50,000 customers whose electronic appliances need immediate software repair, and this number is expected to rise sharply due to more people buying various types of gadgets.

Twin Cities PC Repair is pleased to offer a wide range of PCs and computer accessories to those who are planning to buy a new computer. The most popular product they have right now are custom computers that are designed to have exclusive Random Access Memory (RAM) boosters and protection programs that other companies do not fully provide. These custom PCs are also particularly helpful to PC owners whose antivirus programs have already expired. Although they might seem more expensive than more conventional computers at first, custom PCs are more reliable and need very little maintenance.

Such custom-built computers are not limited to computer-aided design users and gamers, however. They can also be used by children in online classes as well as parents working remotely. Whenever they need Microsoft Office programs like Word and PowerPoint, their license is guaranteed to work. In addition, these computers have ad blocker programs that not only help prevent scams and distractions but also viruses, since such ads might have malicious codes hidden within them. Other tech support provided by Twin Cities PC Repair include recovery of lost data, spyware to detect viruses and installation of other important software. Additionally, they repair broken screens, chargers and various other types of hardware.

Aside from computer repair, the company also fixes printers clogged by printer ink. To do so, they check if the ink inside each cartridge comes out then try to dissolve the dried ink by using alcohol. They also remove air bubbles, debris and other hidden materials that block the nozzles. By having the company’s technicians clean these parts, printer owners do not have to worry anymore about ink smearing, low print quality and paper jams.

Twin Cities PC Repair also gives advice on what printer materials to use in order to avoid printer issues. They recommend that users purchase refillable cartridges as they do not clog as frequently. In addition, high-performance commercial or office printers are also recommended because their nozzles are more durable and they have a longer lifespan. Cheap devices are strongly discouraged—once they malfunction, it is almost impossible to repair them.

Patrick Jensen of Twin Cities PC Repair places a great deal of emphasis on the importance of investing in such crucial electronic devices. “Even if our products and services seem expensive at first, it would be wise for you to give them careful consideration due in large part to the fact that they are less susceptible to short-term damage. We offer high quality products that we know will last for a long time. We are also proud to deliver quick and reliable customer service for all your troubleshooting needs,” he says.

Due to the exceptional repair services provided by Twin Cities PC Repair, they have received many positive reviews from their clients. In a brief but glowing review on the company’s website, one Google user says, “The staff were excellent and willing to go the extra mile to assist in gathering data off some old machines.”

Customers may visit Twin Cities PC Repair’s website for more details. Similarly, those interested in availing their services may direct further inquiries to the company via their preferred social media platforms.


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