Tulsa Housing Market: Top Dollar Home Offer Reports a Strong Seller’s Market

Top Dollar Home Offer, a cash home buyer company in Tulsa, OK, has noted with interest the report that Tulsa has had a strong seller’s market since June 2021. The number of homes for sale has decreased from 1,478 in May 2022 to 1,369 in June 2022, while the number of homes sold has also decreased from 537 in May 2022 to 426 in June 2022. And the average sale time also declined from 13 days in June 2021 to 11 days in June 2022. These are indicators of a seller’s market in Tulsa, which is great news for those who are planning to sell their homes. Meanwhile, for those who are asking, “How do I sell my house in Tulsa,” Top Dollar Home Offer can provide some answers.

A seller’s market is when the demand exceeds the supply, which is what is happening in the housing market in Tulsa. There are less homes available for sale and the average sale time has decreased compared to the previous year. This means that there are a lot of eager home buyers, which allows sellers to have a stronger influence in the pricing and other conditions since there are less houses to choose from. Nevertheless, 11 days to sell a home might still not be fast enough for some home sellers. Furthermore, they will still need to make the necessary repairs to ensure that people will be attracted to the property and make an offer.

Top Dollar Home Offer  Real Estate Developer in Tulsa Earns BBB Accreditation

Top Dollar Home Offer will buy fast and pay cash from homeowners who want to sell their house fast. And the house will be purchased as is, which means there would be no need to clean and repair the home. And there would be no commissions to pay to a real estate agent. Selling one’s home to them will simply require three steps. The first step is to fill out an online form in order to provide important details about the home. In the second step, they will meet with the home seller at the property and provide answers to questions that the home seller may have, after which, they will present an all cash offer. And in the third and final step, they will close at a local reputable local law firm and provide the cash to the home seller. Those who need more information about the company can check out the Top Dollar Home Offer Real Estate Developer News.

They want to point out that they will never make low-ball offers because that would be detrimental to their business. Low offers are not likely to be accepted and will even damage their reputation. That is why they will spend a lot of time and money in actually driving to the properties to ensure that they will be making a fair offer that will likely be acceptable to the home seller. And to make sure that they will be making a fair offer, they will always base their offers on the home’s estimated value after repairs. This means that it would be the estimated value of the home after it has been completely fixed up. Specifically, their offer will be the after repair value minus the cost of repairs, their selling costs, and their minimum profit.

Top Dollar Home Offer founder and owner Bucky Cordray has 25 years of experience in fixing and flipping homes. Bucky and his team have managed to earn the reputation of being one of the top rated and most popular home buying firms in Oklahoma, with the highest number of customer reviews in the state. They are a group of real estate investors who always strive to determine the best solution for any homeowner who wants to sell their home.


Homeowners interested in selling their property can check ou the Top Dollar Home Offer website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Saturday. To know more about the company, people can check out their latest press releases, such as the recent release that was titled, “Top Dollar Home Offer Real Estate Developer in Tulsa Earns BBB Accreditation.”


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