Tucson Roofer Launches New Website

Tucson, AZ based DC Roofing of Arizona is pleased to announce that they are launching a new website in a bid to give their customers a more centralized platform to browse the company’s service. DC Roofing is eager to show their community what they are capable of and why they should be considered as the first Tucson roofer to call for any of your roofing needs. They hope the new website will help new customers learn just how much they stand to gain by working with the company’s experienced roofing contractors.

David Contreras of DC Roofing of Arizona states, “In these uncertain times, more and more people are trying to adapt their lives to the new norm and avoid personal contact with one another as much as possible. This can make it much more inconvenient for them to find the services they require. In worst-case scenarios, such as when they experience trouble with their roofs, this inconvenience can turn into a dangerous emergency. While we have thrived on developing close relationships with our community since we first launched our services, the time has come to offer our customers more access and convenience. Our new website is the answer.”

DC Roofing repairing a tile roof on Tucson home

The company offers a variety of roofing services that are designed solely to ensure local homeowners and business owners have a sturdy and dependable roof over their heads. The sheer variety of services they offer are complemented by an expert and experienced team of roofers who are committed to their work as well as the overall well being of their community. It is for these reasons and more that they continue to work during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping ensure that no one in Tucson has to go without a proper roof over their heads.

Contreras notes, “Despite being based in Tucson, our reach extends all over southern Arizona. We are well aware of the fact that many homeowners across the country are experiencing difficulty getting hold of certain other contractors due to a lack of availability and so on. Everyone is pressed for time and resources these days, but we are determined to be there for our customers as much as possible. Give us a call—or visit our website—and ask us how we can help you out.” The company's centralized location in southern Arizona gives them the flexibility to be where they are needed in a relatively short period. Contreras encourages customers from Casa Grande, Oro Valley, Vail, Green Valley and so on to get in touch with the company if they require help with their roof.

Those who visit the company’s new website will discover that they offer every possible type of service where roofs are concerned, from brand new roof installations and tear-offs to maintenance and repairs, coatings and so on. As roofing is the company’s sole domain, Contreras advises his customers to only consider one factor: whether their issue has anything to do with their roof. If the answer is yes, then Contreras and his team affirm they want to hear about it.

He explains, “Our job is not only to take care of your roof but also to make sure you need not ever have to be concerned you are forgetting something when you call a professional roofer for help. All you have to do is point us at what you believe is the problem and we’ll get to the bottom of it for you. A thorough roof inspection is often a vital part of the services we provide our customers, and we see no reason for a pandemic to change how well we take care of your roof.”

Notably, DC Roofing of Arizona also understands that present circumstances necessitate additional safety measures that go beyond the quality of the roof itself. Contreras reassures customers that he and his team are taking every social distancing guideline and so on quite seriously. Should they wish to learn more about the company’s approach during a roofing project, they are welcome to get in touch for further details.

Once customers visit the new website, they will be able to learn more without ever having to pick up a phone or send an email. However, the company can also be reached via their social media platforms. Similarly, customers may get in touch with David Contreras directly to follow up on any further inquiries.


For more information about DC Roofing of Arizona, contact the company here:

DC Roofing of Arizona
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