Tucson Garage Door Repair Company Reveals Some Garage Door Repair Myths

Discount Door Service, a garage door repair company based in Tucson, AZ, has tackled several common myths about garage door repair in a newly published blog post. The article points out that garage door repair really requires a professional, unlike other simpler tasks in the home, such as repairing a leaky faucet or a clogged toilet. It is essential that garage door repair is performed by a professional for safety reasons, among many other things. The garage door is typically heavy and the springs supporting the garage door have a lot of potential force that can easily cause injury if the one doing the repair is not careful.

A common erroneous belief of many people is that fixing a garage door is not difficult. The truth is garage door repair requires a lot of training and expert guidance, plus the appropriate tools, to ensure that everything is done properly. While garage doors may look simple, in reality, they are a bit complicated and have several parts that work together in a particular way. That is why it is always advisable to get the services of a professional when faced with the need for garage door repair.

DIY garage door repair in Tucson gone wrong

Melissa MacMeans, owner of Discount Door Service, says, “It is almost always in the homeowner's best interest to call a professional when they have issues with their garage door. Please take note of the common myths that surround garage door repair in general. And most importantly, take note of the factors that separate Discount Door Service from many other companies offering garage door repair that tend to try to sell a new garage door when the existing one can still be repaired.”

Another common misconception is that when the garage door is making some loud noises, it can easily be fixed. In some instances, it might be true that it is easy to fix. Sometimes all that it requires is some lubrication on all of the garage door’s moving parts. If it turns out that the rollers are the problem, it may seem easy for the homeowner to replace the rollers themselves. However, it is really advisable to leave the work to experienced technicians because doing the task incorrectly, particularly for trickier rollers on the top and bottom of each side of the door, can cause more problems.

The loud noises may also be due to worn-out bearings. This is not an easy task. For instance, if the center bearing needs replacement, there would be a need to unwind the springs, remove the cables, and then dismantle the end bearings. Putting these things back together properly, with the proper tension requires training and experience.

Another typical misconception is that the service of a professional garage door repair technician is expensive. Even if that was true, it is really not worth risking injury just to save on fees. Trying to repair a garage door without the appropriate tools, training, and experience, could easily result in problems, not just because of potential injury but also possibly causing the problem to become worse. And with regards to the cost of repair, some of the customers of Discount Door Service were actually surprised when they found that the actual costs turned out to be less than what they expected.

Another myth that some homeowners tend to believe in is that there is no need to replace both springs if only one is broken. However, it is usually not a good idea to pair a new spring with an old one because they will tend to have different characteristics. The new spring will usually be stiffer than the old one, resulting in an imbalance, which exerts additional force on both springs, which will likely shorten their lives. Furthermore, while two new springs will cost more than one new spring, having both springs replaced in just one visit will cost less than having to call on a technician again when the remaining old spring breaks down.

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