Trusts & Estate Announces NYC Estate Planning Lawyer Services

Trusts & Estate has announced that they are offering NYC estate planning lawyer services. The firm focuses on providing estate planning and administration services, including business planning and business succession representation. They want to point out that the legal process of estate planning is essential for assets preservation and succession. It is through estate planning that an individual decides how his or her assets will be distributed during the person’s life or after death. When estate planning is performed appropriately, it can save the individual and the estate thousands of dollars, and he or she is assured that his or her final wishes will be fulfilled.

Marianna Schwartsman, a spokesperson for Trusts & Estate, explains, “Estate planning is an analytic exercise that starts with a review of your assets, family situation, business, and liability exposure. Everyone needs estate planning and it does not have to be complex. Estate planning is a process that has an end result - you are left with a set of structures, which are documents in written form, which will either come to effect immediately (lifetime planning) or will come to effect when you pass away (testamentary planning) or become incapacitated (disability/incapacity planning). The written form can be as easy as a will, health care proxy, power of attorney, living will and designation of agent to control disposition of remains. It can be as complex as having several trusts, family partnerships, charitable trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, partnership freezes and/or LLCs.”

An important document in estate planning is a will. This is a document that memorializes a person’s testamentary wishes. Such a will need not be complex. However, it should indicate clearly the desires of the person and it has to be executed based on the requirements of the state law. In the State of New York, the law requires that a will has to be witnessed by at least two individuals and the testator has to proclaim that the document is his or her will in the presence of the witnesses.

The NYC estate planning attorney at Trusts & Estate provides a holistic approach to estate planning, using 12 steps. The first step is to focus on the needs of the person and his or her family and/or business needs. The second step is to determine the primary goals of the estate planning. The estate planning attorney will then fill in the secondary and tertiary supplemental goals of the estate planning. The fourth step is the preparation of a comprehensive plan for the accomplishment of the primary, secondary, tertiary goals. In the fifth step, the estate planning lawyer will provide a complete estate planning review that will ideally include all of the person’s advisors, such as wealth planners, insurance brokers, and accountants. In the sixth step, the business continuity issues are taken into account with the client and his or her partners.

In the seventh step, whenever it is applicable and desirable, the estate planning lawyer will bring the family together by assigning clearly specified roles for every member. In the eighth step, the estate planning lawyer will work with the client’s adversaries whenever applicable. In the ninth step, assistance is provided to the client in locating additional support advisors, such as accountants specializing in foreign taxation or trustees in other jurisdictions. The lawyer will also meet with the client continuously throughout the process to ensure that all estate planning goals remain the same and are being addressed. In the eleventh step, the plan will be finalized for execution. And finally, the estate planning lawyer will work with the client and trustees for the implementation of the plan and ensure that there would be no obstacles.

Trusts & Estate focuses on several practice areas, including wills & trusts, asset protection, probate, guardianship, business succession planning, and business formation. When in need of an estate planning lawyer NYC residents may want to check out the Trusts & Estate website, or contact them on the telephone, or through email. They are open from Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.


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