True Potential Chiropractic Voted Beaverton’s Best Business

Beaverton, Oregon -

Beaverton, OR based True Potential Chiropractic (TPC) is pleased to announce that it was recently honored with both the Best Business in Beaverton award and the Best of Beaverton by The clinic is proud to have its commitment to excellent service recognized in such a way, and it will continue to work towards being the number one chiropractic clinic in the Beaverton area, if not the whole of Oregon. With their team of highly qualified specialists, True Potential Chiropractic is guaranteed to continue to provide excellent service for years to come.

Dr. Bryen A. Bell is the chiropractic physician behind the success of True Potential Chiropractic. His approach to health can be summarized through the acronym ‘DREAMS,’ which stands for Diet, Rest, Exercise, Alignment, Mindset and Stress-management. By focusing his sports rehab and family practice on health and wellness through regular maintenance and prevention instead of treatment in the aftermath of a health crisis, he has managed to establish himself as a leading practitioner of practical, effective chiropractic healthcare.

Best Business in Beaverton

Before relocating to Oregon, Dr. Bell built his reputation as a top chiropractor in Beverly Hills where he treated countless Hollywood elites and professional athletes. He has been featured in a number of publications, including Fine Living, The Style Network and the TLC cable network. He has also been recognized by a number of renowned wellness experts. He holds an undergraduate degree from the University of Portland in Business Management as well as a chiropractic degree and a bachelor of science in human biology from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Los Angeles. He shares his commitment to helping his patients achieve DREAMS through his corporate and group lectures (along with community wellness programs).

True Potential Chiropractic’s mission is to ensure that every man, woman and child in the community they serve has the best health imaginable through principal corrective chiropractic adjustments and lifestyle modifications. They make it their job to have every member of the community checked for subluxations and adjusted whenever necessary from the moment they are born all the way into old age. The chiropractic clinic’s vision is to have an award-winning, world-renowned healthcare delivery system that ensures overall wellness is both achievable and affordable, and it can be said that they have succeeded in doing this, having recently claimed two prestigious awards. The clinic’s purpose is to help people achieve long term health and wellness through the DREAMS lifestyle. Stretch Therapy has been revolutionized by the clinic as well, and they plan to continue to offer their award-winning services to the greater majority of the Pacific Northwest. Learn more here: Stretch Therapy Beaverton.

The clinic has more 5 star reviews then any other Chiropractic office in the city, many of which have been shared on their website. One patient recovered from more than a decade’s worth of chronic pain with the help of TPC. Their story says, “When this patient entered our office, she was recovering from an ulcer she received as a result of taking pain pills every day for the past year. For 12 years, she had experienced chronic neck pain and ringing in her ears. After following Dr. Bell’s corrective care recommendations, this patient no longer needs pain pills, and the ringing has stopped. To prevent any backsliding, this patient continues seeing us for supportive chiropractic care.”

A patient who suffered pain as a result of gymnastics as a child also experienced relief at the hands of TPC. The clinic’s summary of her story says, “This patient competed in gymnastics as a child. She began to feel numbness and tingling in her hands during her teens. She was under the assumption that this was normal and happened to everyone. After consulting her primary care physician, she was referred out to a physical therapist. Physical therapy initially made it feel better, but the problem persisted. After completing the recommended corrective care plan in our office, this patient is no longer experiencing numbness and tingling in her hands. To ensure her progress is not abandoned, she still makes it a point to come in regularly for maintenance care.”

For more information on the Beaverton chiropractor, visit True Potential Chiropractic’s website through any of the links above. They would be more than happy to help with any and all chronic pain, and their services have proven highly effective.


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