Tri State Exteriors: A Fort Wayne Roofing Company is Focusing on Metal Roof Installation During the Upcoming Winter Months

Fort Wayne, Indiana-based Tri-State Exteriors has just announced that its metal roofing division will be expanding. This coincides with the company’s efforts to primarily focus on the installation of metal and steel coated shingle roofs over the winter months. This roofing company is one that also realizes that more homeowners in the Fort Wayne area are now more interested in having metal roofs installed because of all of the benefits they offer over more conventional asphalt shingled roofs. Jacob, the company representative, says, “With the cold weather setting in, we at Tri-State Exteriors have decided to expand our metal roofing division. With metal roofs increasing in popularity across Fort Wayne and the areas that surround it, this decision will allow Tri-State Exteriors to better serve our local Fort Wayne community.”

Jacob went on to say that, unlike shingled roofs which are best installed during the warmer months to have them turn out perfect, metal roofs are suitable for installation even in the colder months of the year. The company’s roofing crews even enjoy the more comfortable working temperatures that the winter months afford to them. It’s a move that will also allow Tri-State Exteriors to continue to help Fort Wayne homeowners replace their leaky and damaged roofs in a time of year when it’s critical to have their roofs be watertight and structurally sound. While many roofing contractors that specialize in only shingled roof installation and repairs start to significantly slow down, they at Tri-State Exteriors will be working at a steady rate all year round.

Jacob also wanted to be clear that just because they are focusing on metal roof installation and repairs at present, their asphalt shingle division is not going away by any means. Once the weather warms up, those crews will be back doing the high-quality shingled roofing work that the company has always been known for. The company representative also talked about why metal roofs have become so popular in their area. One reason is that they are the most durable and longest-lasting type of roofing material. Those that have a metal roof installed often never have to worry about doing roof replacement projects ever again. They also look incredible once completed and can change the entire look of the exterior of a home. He added that this type of roofing material also tends to shed water, ice, and snow better than asphalt shingle, tile, or other types of roofs. Metal roofing materials also come with very good manufacturers warranties and few companies in the area have crews that can match Tri-State Exteriors crews when it comes to metal roofing experience.

Fort Wayne metal roofing

Those in the Fort Wayne area that have had metal roofing work done by Tri-State Exteriors have been impressed with the entire process. Vincent Anderson proclaimed, “Mr. Ferry provided us with the type of customer service that you just don't see today. I don't believe you can find a better roofing company in Fort Wayne, at any price. They communicated well, did everything they promised, and didn't try to oversell us on things we did not need. They were priced competitively and did a great job installing our metal roof. I highly recommend Tri-State Exteriors!” Christina O stated, “They were professional from start to finish. The company was also easy to work with and gave us an accurate completion date. We have gotten several compliments on our new metal roof. We definitely recommend this company!”

This is not the only expansion that has recently taken place with the company either as this comes on the heels of the company announcing the expansion of its commercial roofing division. More details of which can be read about in this press release here at Homeowners in the Fort Wayne area that would like to know more about the metal roofing services that Tri-State Exteriors offers can contact them by phone, email, or schedule a free roofing inspection by filling out the form that’s found on their website.


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