Tree Service Pros Deltona Uses Tree Removal to Save Client’s In-Ground Swimming Pool

Deltona, Florida – Yesterday, Tree Service Pros Deltona helped a homeowner – Elton Mellen – eliminate the risk of further damage on his swimming pool. According to the homeowner, two American elms standing near the swimming pool had started cracking its wall with their roots.

“Signs of damage started showing in the swimming about one month ago,” said Elton Mellen. “Every time the kids went in the pool, they would mention that they had noticed some peculiar cracks on the pool’s sidewalls. Just last week, the entire family went into the pool to investigate the kids’ complaints. As it turned out, the kids were right – the invasive elm trees had started showing their true colors.”

Tree Service Pros Deltona

Elton noted that after realizing it was just a matter of time before the roots broke through the concrete walls, he knew he had to move quickly. He saved enough money for the project in a week and contacted Tree Service Pros Deltona towards the end of last week. The homeowner was impressed when the company’s cost estimate fell below his budget for the project.

“Tree Service Pros Deltona promised to complete the tree removal and stump removal in a day,” said Elton Mellen. “They, however, noted that they were busy over the weekend and could work on the trees at the beginning of this week. The company kept its word – its team of tree cutting professionals was here yesterday. They removed the trees without causing damage to the swimming pool. They then removed the stumps together with the roots. They used a special chemical to kill and facilitate the decaying of the roots that were left underground. After watching the company work yesterday, everyone in the family is convinced that this is the best tree removal company in Deltona.”

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Reporters contacted Tree Service Pros Deltona CEO to understand why the American Elms had to be removed. The reporters were concerned because the company has built its reputation around helping homeowners save their trees.

“The American elms belong to a specific tree species that can cause a lot of damage when given the opportunity,” the Tree Service Pros Deltona CEO told the reporters. “These are the invasive trees. American elms – and the likes of willow trees – love moisture so much that their roots will break through the toughest barriers to get to the water. If the American elms hadn’t been removed from Elton Mellen’s landscape, they would have cracked the pool wall – this would have led to pool leakage. Also, as the soil leaked into the pool water, the pool would have ended up with blockages and dirty water.”

The Tree Service Pros Deltona CEO noted that the best place to plant the American elm is far away from water-related utilities. The tree is known to invade septic lines, irrigation dishes, drain pipes, and sewer lines.

“Elton Mellen loves his trees,” said the Tree Service Pros Deltona CEO. “After removing the American elms, the homeowner noted that he was willing to plant different tree species. This means that the city’s urban forest has not decreased.”

Tree Service Pros Deltona is reportedly working with Elton Mellen to help him choose trees that won’t damage his swimming pool. The company will help the homeowner select trees that grow fast – this will help the homeowner have a nice shade near his pool in a short period.

“Tree Service Pros Deltona is a company that cares about its customers,” said Elton Mellen. “The company has already suggested a large number of trees that can replace the American elms. Also, its team of qualified professionals in Deltona promised to work with the family during planting.”

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