Tree Service Experts Santa Ana Saves a 120-Foot White Pine by Advising Against Tree Removal and Offering Treatment Options

Santa Ana, California – When Tree Service Experts Santa Ana was invited to handle tree removal in the home of one Juliana Bella, they were expecting to find a dead or severely damaged tree on her compound. However, the company’s team of tree cutting professionals Santa Ana was surprised to learn that the tree Juliana wanted to be removed was only showing a few signs of ill-health.

“She was worried that the tree had a communicable disease,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “and she did not want the disease to spread to the neighboring healthy trees – this is why she thought working with our tree removal team is the best idea. However, after inspecting the tree, we learned that the disease was not communicable and the tree’s health could be restored.”

Tree Service Experts Santa Ana

Speaking after working with Tree Service Experts Santa Ana, Juliana had the following to say, “They told me that instead of removing the tree, they could prune it to remove the infected branches, which would give the tree a chance to recover. Once we agreed on this, the company’s tree trimming team Santa Ana used the bucket truck to go up the tree and remove all the branches. After pruning the tree, they carried the waste. Since the tree pruning day, they have been back twice to check on the tree’s progress and to recommend the best course of action. It's been 3 weeks and my pine is looking healthier.”

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Tree Service Experts Santa Ana reports that although its team has earned the name of the best tree removal company Santa Ana, its focus is to help save trees. The company reports that its team only removes trees that cannot be saved.

“Our goal is to prolong the life of trees in Santa Ana and neighborhoods like Redondo Beach, San Marino, New Port Beach, Aliso Viejo, and Rancho Santa Margarita,” said the company’s CEO. “This is why we try to minimize tree removal as much as possible. We only remove trees that are irreversibly damaged, dead, or posing risk to the surrounding utilities.”

In addition to tree removal, Tree Service Experts Santa Ana reports that its team of professionals also handles services like tree pruning, tree trimming, stump removal, and emergency tree service Santa Ana. The company also says that it can help homeowners with tree planting and tree maintenance for young trees.

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