Tree Service Experts Sacramento Handles Tree Pruning on Its First 300-Foot Tree

Sacramento, California – Yesterday, Tree Service Experts Sacramento managed to safely complete one of its most complicated tree care procedures in Sacramento. The company was hired by Sacramento’s Public Works Department to help with pruning a landmark redwood tree that stood at a towering height of 303 feet.

Towering over other smaller trees, the redwood tree needed extreme caution during pruning to avoid damaging any of the smaller trees. Using its modern tree service tools, Tree Service Experts Sacramento managed to complete the procedure in less than 3 hours. The company’s CEO noted that this procedure serves as proof that Tree Service Experts Sacramento can handle the riskiest professional tree services in Sacramento.

“We did not expect the call from the Public Works Department,” said the Tree Service Experts Sacramento CEO. “However, our Sacramento tree pruning team had worked with one of the officials in the department a few months back. Impressed with the results we delivered, the official decided to recommend us when the department decided to improve the 303 feet tall tree. The department understood that pruning the tree would be complicated and even gave us a whole week to prepare for the project. However, we did not need preparation time – our team of tree cutting professionals in Sacramento was ready to improve the tree on the same day.”

Tree Service Experts Sacramento gathered its team of qualified professionals and arrived at the worksite less than an hour after receiving the call from the city’s department. Using its bucket truck, the company’s team was able to reach the tree crown a couple of minutes later.

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“The only risk we had to work on eliminating involved the trees standing under the redwood,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “We knew exactly what we needed to do to keep the cut branches from landing on the trees below – we would tie the branches we intended to cut with ropes. We would then use these ropes to slowly lower down the limbs after cutting, controlling their falling path until they hit the ground.”

Using its ropes, crane, and experienced team, Tree Service Experts Sacramento brought all the branches down without damaging any of the trees nearby. The tree service company left the tree looking new and healthy.

“I think the city has found its tree service company,” said the head of the Public Works Department. “This was one of the most complicated procedures. We decided to use it as a test. We knew that the company that would complete the tree pruning safely would be in a position to handle all the other types of professional tree services in Sacramento. From today, we will be contacting Tree Service Experts Sacramento whenever we need help with the trees standing in our streets and public parks.”

Tree Service Experts Sacramento is a company that has been in the tree service industry for the past 25+ years. According to the company’s CEO, the company was founded as a family business to improve the urban forest in Sacramento. However, until yesterday, the company had only worked on trees standing on privately-owned commercial and residential properties.

“The procedure we handled yesterday may have been complicated,” said the company’s CEO, “but, giving the procedure everything we had opened doors for us. We now have access to a large portion of the urban forest in this city – we now can improve government-owned trees. Our goal is to improve the trees standing in public spaces – just like we have been doing with trees standing on private properties. We intend to use procedures like pruning, trimming, and tree treatment to extend the lifespan of these trees.”

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