Tree Service Experts Louisville Responds to an Emergency Tree Removal Request in the Middle of the Night

Louisville, Kentucky – A company that offers emergency tree services on a 24/7 basis, Tree Service Experts Louisville came in last night to help a resident at Towne Creek Rd get rid of a tree that was leaning dangerously over his house. Spending the night on the emergency site, the company was able to bring the tree down without causing property damage.

The property owner, Aaron Will, had the following to say about the company, “last night my 50-foot oak tree just snapped and started showings signs of falling. When I saw that the oak was relying on another tree to stay upright, I knew I had to call someone to remove it. I called these guys at 10 pm and they were here at around 10:50 pm. They came with powerful lights and were able to bring the tree down without causing damage to my property. I am sure without their help, this tree would have fallen on my house and cost me thousands of dollars in repair costs. Thank you Tree Service Experts Louisville.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville

“We understand that tree emergencies are not planned for,” said the company’s CEO, “The fact that they are never expected is the whole reason they have the name emergency. It is for this reason we operate on a 24/7 basis to help homeowners remove ticking time bombs from their landscapes.”

A company that has more than 2 decades of tree service experience, Tree Service Experts Louisville reports that its team has the best tools and enough experience to handle any emergency tree service Louisville. On its website - - the company indicates that it can also handle tree trimming, normal tree removals, stump removals, and tree pruning.

The company reports it prioritizes fast response for all types of tree services. However, when it comes to tree emergencies, the company tries to respond within the first 60 minutes. “Our company has been offering same-day service since it was established,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “If you request our tree trimming service, our tree trimming team Louisville will be at your home before the day ends to shape your trees. However, we always pay special attention to tree emergencies – we respond to these in under one hour.”

Tree Service Experts Louisville reports that its tree emergency service is accessible to people in Louisville’s neighborhoods. According to the company’s CEO, its team of tree cutting professionals Louisville also works in suburbs like Hurstbourne, Northfield, Prospect, Anchorage, and Crestwood.

Tree Service Experts Louisville offices are located at 321 Townepark Cir, Louisville, KY 40243, United States. To request a service from the company, those in need can call +1 502-771-8970 or send an email to


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