Tree Service Experts Long Beach Celebrates 10 Years of Handling Tree Care Procedures in the Suburbs of Long Beach City

Long Beach, California – Yesterday, 10 years elapsed since the day Tree Service Experts Long Beach handled its first tree maintenance procedure outside the boundaries of Long Beach City. To commemorate the special day when the company decided to include suburbs like Bixby Highlands, Eastside, Downtown Shoreline, Broadway Corridor, and Artcraft Mannor in its service zone, the CEO organized a celebration event at the company’s headquarters.

Speaking during the event, the company’s CEO had the following to say, “Tree Service Experts Long Beach was established over 25 years ago as a family business. The goal we had in mind when creating the company involved making professional tree services in Long Beach more affordable and more accessible to every homeowner. It’s quite a shame that it took us more than 15 years to let homeowners outside Long Beach enjoy the benefits that this company offers.”

“However, the preparation period was more than necessary,” added the CEO. “We had to grow our team of tree cutting professionals in Long Beach and invest in modern tree service tools. As you have probably guessed, we could not expand our service area before we knew that we can comfortably handle all tree care procedures in Long Beach.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach has reportedly purchased 4 bucket trucks, 4 cranes, and has expanded its inventory of tools to include at least 4 pairs of each major tree service tool. The company has also expanded its team of qualified professionals, ensuring that it can simultaneously handle 4 tree maintenance procedures in different locations.

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“When a customer in a suburb like Bixby Highlands orders tree trimming,” said the company’s CEO, “and at the same time we get a similar request from three more customers in Long Beach, we are now in a position to handle these needs quickly. Instead of handling one procedure as the rest wait, we are now in a position to handle all 4 procedures at the same time. This is the point we were waiting to reach before expanding our tree service area.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach seems to have grown its popularity in the suburbs of Long Beach over the 10 years it has been operating in these regions. Despite finding other tree care companies in the suburbs, Tree Service Experts Long Beach managed to establish itself as the go-to company for commercial and residential properties owners by simply offering superior services.

“When we work with a new customer in one of the suburbs,” said the company’s chief of field operations, “He or she is often surprised when our team handles clean up after completing the tree care procedures. Most of these homeowners are used to tree service companies leaving the waste on their landscapes. By simply collecting the waste and taking it to the dumpsite, we often find ourselves turning a new customer into a loyal client who calls us every time he/she needs trees improved.”

While Tree Service Experts Long Beach started its journey in the suburbs with just tree trimming, the company has expanded its list of services in these regions over the years. Today, the company handles all tree care procedures.

“Today, we do not just improve the aesthetic appeal of trees in the suburbs,” said the company’s CEO. “We also improve the health of different types of trees using tree pruning, create space for property development projects through tree removal, ensure landscapes do not have tripping hazards through stump removal and eliminate tree hazards through emergency tree service. Our services in the suburbs are designed in a way that ensures no homeowner misses the services that his/her trees need.”

Tree Service Experts Long Beach operates from its base at 3229 E Spring St, Long Beach, CA 90806, United States. Customers, however, can book services by simply dialing +1 310-905-5308 or sending an email to


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