Tree Service Alpharetta Awarded For Its Immersive Contribution In Environmental Improvement

Alpharetta, Georgia – A company that has been working extra hard to improve the environment in Alpharetta and its suburbs, Tree Service Alpharetta, was finally recognized and awarded today by Georgia Environmental Care Specialists.

"For over 30 years now," said the Georgia Environmental Care Specialists CEO, "Georgia Environmental Care Specialists has been working as a nonprofit organization to improve the environment in Georgia. The company comprises a group of specialists from different fields, bringing their skills and experiences together to improve Georgia's environment."

Professional Tree Service in Alpharetta

"Georgia is quite a big state," continued the Georgia Environmental Care Specialists. "Operating in all the cities in Georgia as a solo company is, therefore, very hard. So, we award the companies whose actions translate to a better environment to motivate them to continue with whatever they do. The organization also funds the companies, so they don't quit improving the environment due to lack of funds."

"For quite some time now," continued the CEO, "we had never heard of a company in Alpharetta that shows any efforts to improve the environment. However, we recently discovered Tree Service Alpharetta. We were shocked to learn that the company has been engaging in environmental improvement practices for the last five years."

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The Georgia Environmental Care Specialists CEO then revealed how they discovered Tree Service Alpharetta's efforts in bettering the environment.

"The Georgia Environmental Care Specialists team had come to Alpharetta for a vacation when we noticed the trees in a well-known park here in Alpharetta were similar to those in the yards, meaning someone was taking care of them," said the CEO. "We inquired from different homeowners. The homeowners revealed that it was Tree Service Alpharetta behind the improvement of the trees."

"When we realized we might have found a tree care company in Alpharetta that was improving trees in the parks," continued the CEO, "we decided to conduct an online survey to get a solid answer from a larger pool of homeowners in this part of Georgia. 100% of the people who participated in the Survey marked Tree Service Alpharetta as the company that had participated the most in improving the environment. We were also shocked to learn that the company was doing the same in all the cities nearby Alpharetta."

"Just to be sure that the information provided by homeowners in the survey was true," noted the CEO, "we decided to navigate to its web page and tree care media room. What we learned from the two sites was enough to conclude that Tree Service Alpharetta is a national treasure that Georgia Environmental Care Specialists took so long to discover."

"We immediately reached out to Tree Service Alpharetta and asked to meet its management today, to which they agreed," said the CEO. "We have given the team something small to motivate them. We will also fully fund the company for any procedures they carry out in the parks."

When given a chance to address the congregation, Uwsauy Blkswe, the Tree Service Alpharetta CEO, appreciated Georgia Environmental Care Specialists for recognizing their efforts and promised that the company will continue working hard to improve the environment.

"On behalf of Tree Service Alpharetta," said Uwsauy Blkswe, "I am grateful for the new opportunity to work with Georgia Environmental Care Specialists. The Tree Service Alpharetta team will keep improving the trees standing in public spaces."

Tree Service Alpharetta is located at 945 North Point Dr #1230, Alpharetta, GA 30022, United States. Homeowners can also contact the company at +1 678-990-1862 and


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