Tree Removal Service in Cape May Blog Points Out What to Do When a Tree Falls on a House

Cape May, NJ-based Laricks Complete Tree Service has just posted a new blog to its website which discusses what a person should do when a tree falls on their house in Villas or elsewhere in the Southern New Jersey area. The company posted this bog article because most people do not know how to react in this type of situation because it's not something that a homeowner ever expects to happen or prepares for. Once someone reads it, they will have a much better idea of how to proceed in the unlikely event that this type of tree emergency ever happens to them.

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The company owner, Mikey Laricks, says, “We get called out to remove trees that have fallen on homes a lot more than people in our area realize. This is not something that happens just after hurricanes pass nearby either. Even days with other extreme weather events can bring all different size trees and large limbs down on top of a house. We wrote our new blog to let people know not to panic if this happens to them because professional tree companies such as ours are not only prepared to quickly cut up and remove a tree that has fallen on a home but we can even help with any insurance claim that the homeowner files.”

The new Laricks Complete Tree Service blog mentioned that many common New Jersey weather conditions can bring down trees. This includes hurricanes, strong storms, heavy snowfall, ice accumulation, and heavy ground-saturating rainfall. It added that falling trees and large limbs are by far the number one cause of roof damage in their area. The recently posted blog advised a homeowner to take these steps when a tree falls on their house. The first is to vacate the premises immediately until the extent of the danger to people and if there is any significant structural damage has been determined. It also said it may be a good idea to call 911 especially if power lines have been involved in the incident too. The blog article also recommended a homeowner contact their insurance company and a professional tree service such as theirs to come to assess the damage and remove the fallen tree or large branches. This blog post wrapped up by saying that proper tree maintenance can help trees stay healthier and catch less wind which makes them less likely to come down in a severe weather event. Those that would like to read the complete blog article can do so at

Those in Cape May, Villas, and the surrounding areas that have had emergency tree work done by Laricks Complete tree service have been very complimentary of the work that was provided for them. “Jeanne Whitehead stated, “Came at the end of thunder and lightning storm within 15 minutes of calling them. Within 3 hours the tree was removed completely and the property thoroughly cleaned of all debris. They are professional and offer immediate and tremendous service. I recommend them highly. Call them when you really need emergency tree help.” Michelle Wiegand wrote in her glowing review, “Mike was extremely quick to respond to our request for tree removal after the recent wind storm. Within an hour of my call, he had the tree removed and cleaned up. Sent photos of before and after and I never had a concern that it wouldn't be perfect. Great service and will use him again!”

Laricks went on to say that they offer many more reputable tree services than just the emergency tree service. This includes being able to schedule and safely bring down even the largest species of trees that are found in Southern New Jersey. He says that no tree removal task is ever too big, too small, or too complicated for them to take on and they can even completely get rid of the stumps that are left behind. They also have the equipment and know-how to handle all types of lot and brush clearing projects. Laricks Complete Tree Service is also one of the leaders in its area when it comes to landscape design and installation. For more information on the large variety of quality tree removal and lot clearing services this company offers, people can refer to their above-mentioned website or their Facebook page which is located at

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