Traveltipster Viktoria Altman Talks About the 15 Amazing Things To Do in San Diego

Traveltipster Viktoria Altman publishes a new blog post about the 15 best things to do in San Diego. The new blog post outlines some of the best places to explore when visiting the city and information about the places that will make the reader want to book a flight and stop by right away.

According to Viktoria Altman aka Traveltipster, “Easily one of my favorite cities, San Diego constantly wins “best place to live in” awards. But even if you don’t live here, San Diego is a great place to visit. Whether you are on a romantic vacation or visiting with a family, there is no shortage of things to do in San Diego.”


The blog post talks about not only the popular spots in San Diego but also other interesting places that not many people would visit. One popular spot that she mentions in the blog post is the San Diego Zoo.

“When you visit San Diego, the San Diego Zoo would be hard to miss,” says the traveltipster. “There are a lot of sights to see in the zoo. Did you know? The only albino Koala in a zoological institution was born on September 1, 1997, in the San Diego Zoo and was called Onya Birri, which is "ghost boy" in an Australian Aboriginal language.”

Aside from San Diego Zoo, Ms. Altman also talks about Balboa Park, Sunset Cliffs, the San Diego Museum of Art, Fleet Science Center, SeaWorld, and many more. Not only that, but she also shares her tips and ideas for visiting these places.

For the more unusual picks, the traveltipster lists visiting The Whaley House. This tourist attraction has been hailed as the “most haunted house” in the United States by The Travel Channel. Another unusual pick on the blog post is Villa Montezuma which is also another haunted house.

“If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, these two places - The Whaley House and Villa Montezuma - should definitely be on your list,” says Viktoria.

In the blog post, the traveltipster gives her readers some recommendations on which restaurants they should be visiting, too. She mentions that there are a lot of great places to eat in while visiting San Diego but the readers should not miss out on Red Fox Steakhouse and Piano Bar, Nico’s Mexican Food, and a stroll around Little Italy.

Lastly, Viktoria Altman aka traveltipster encourages her readers to not limit their visit to just the listed places. She says that there are still a lot of great places to explore and discover in a huge city like San Diego.

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