Traction Academy Head of Operations Sofia Roque Gets Interviewed By We Advertise Your Business

Traction Academy, a company providing sales consultation for startups, was represented by its Head of Operations Sofia Roque when she sat down for an interview with John from We Advertise Your Business. The interview goes over the story behind the founding of Traction Academy, the challenges they faced while launching, the work they have been doing since then, and the future plans for the company’s growth.

Sofia Roque explains that Sofos is a marketing automation platform that was a program under the Newchip Accelerator. Marketing professionals from Sofos would reach out to investors on behalf of the founders of its client companies. The founders would only have to meet with investors that responded positively, saving them time that could be spent building the product. The program, which was called Newchip Connect, was eventually branched out into its own company. Soon, Sofos started doing a lot of campaigns that weren’t just for investors but also for B2B sales, B2C, and even B2B to C partnerships. The program was a perfect fit for founders who are passionate about the product they are creating, can talk at lengths about it, but are unsuccessful at convincing the value of their business to investors that can help them grow.


Traction Academy, as it exists now, complements the automation provided by Sofos. Sofia Roque says that the best description of the service came from one of their clients who called it “a fractional sales manager on call.” Traction Academy helps companies with deliverables, content, or even just one-on-one conversations with mentors. The company aims to make up for a lack of foundational sales skills that many growing startups desperately need to become a million dollar business.

Sofia describes the Traction Academy’s main goals by saying, “We’re trying to complement not only getting you the leads but also helping you close them and have those conversations. It’s actually also helped a lot with our customers that are looking for investors too, because, for any investor, their first question is how much traction do you have? How much revenue? How many users or customers? So our goal is really to give companies everything that they need so that whenever they’re going to a sales prospect or going to an investor, they’re ready, they’re prepared and they know what to do.”

Sofia says that Traction Academy grew out of the need that they recognized at Sofos. The company went through many different kinds of people to find the right team that had the right domain experience and skill set to meet the challenges that they were going to face. Ex-Oracle employee Joshua Lawton is the president who is qualified at giving inputs on how sales affect investment due to his time spent as a VC. Jeremy Lowe has done sales with Google and plays the role of a mentor to the clients’ founders.

Sofia then talks about the content on the website, one of the company’s main areas of focus. Clients get access to all of the articles and resources along with a three-hour call with mentors Josh and Jeremy every week where they can discuss the challenges they are facing. The strategy employed at Traction Academy is to focus on deliverables that will help a company stand out in front of potential investors. The mentors hold the companies accountable for them and tweak their guidance based on the methods that yield results.

Sofia then talks about the direction that the company is heading in by saying, “So right now we are specifically, we’re being pretty selective about who we work with for the Traction Academy. We’re picking founders and leaders of startups that are within a specific amount of revenue. We’re just wanting to make sure right now that we test it and it works. But ideally, Traction Academy will eventually become something that anybody can do to grow your startup. We want it to become something that a founder can use, that a sales leader can use.”

Traction Academy can be contacted at the phone number (720) 336-3299.

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