Tow Truck Mobile Payment Solution Now Available Through EMS

Cleveland, Ohio -

Cleveland, Ohio based Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), a payment processor with nationwide reach, would like to reach out to tow truck service providers that may be in search of a reliable payment service. They have developed a payment solution specifically for tow truck businesses (named EMSmobile), and it effectively allows truck drivers to turn their smartphones into card readers. This means that clients can pay for towing services on site. It also offers email invoicing, which makes it possible for clients to pay before a driver even leaves. Their site can be found here:

“Are you searching for a fast and convenient mobile payment solution for your Towing Company?” asks Electronic Merchant Systems’ VP of Sales, Bill Felberg. “Let's face the facts — no one likes to have their vehicle towed. The towing industry offers a valuable service that is often thankless due to the nature of the business. However, even if the circumstances are less than ideal, customers can certainly appreciate a tow truck service that doesn't add to the stress. What do we mean by that? We are talking about tow truck service payment processing that is quick and painless — the more convenient the better. That is where Electronic Merchant Systems comes in.”

EMS has spent the past three decades helping local businesses realize their full potential, and with over a thousand reviews from happy clients, it is clear that the company’s payment solutions have helped many achieve the growth they were looking for. By making it possible for customers to pay towing companies without having to visit a main office, Electronic Merchant Systems’ mobile payment platform makes it a lot easier for both towing companies and their customers to do business, which in turn makes any towing company that chooses to implement the system a more attractive option for customers in need of such services. Customers rarely have cash on hand, and EMS’ system has made it so this is rarely ever a problem anymore.

In addition to email invoicing, which allows customers to pay for towing services with a single click, EMSmobile offers a number of benefits that include secure vault storage (which ensures that customers’ credit card information remains safe and easy to retrieve) and business management tools that allow the towing business to manage various aspects of their day to day activities.

“As a tow truck company, you can benefit from the fact that you don't need a standard point-of-sale system,” the company’s VP of Sales says. “Instead of having customers visit your office location, adopt mobile payment acceptance to save time and money. Your tow truck drivers can transform their smartphones into a card reader by just installing the software. This cost-effective solution makes it easy to use email to send receipts and invoices. Customers do not want an already less than ideal situation to become more frustrating. They want quick, simple payment options. It is much easier to make payments on-site or via email invoice. This type of efficient payment processing leads to an improved customer experience. One of the top priorities of any business in any industry is payment security. At EMS, we offer secure vault storage, so the information customers provide will always remain safe.”

Over the years, EMS has received a great deal of positive feedback from happy clients, many of which are rave reviews praising Electronic Merchant Systems for their powerful payment tools. On the Google platform alone, EMS continues to receive glowing reviews as time goes on.

Marianne K. says in their recent 5-Star review, “I would highly recommend this company. Had a great experience from signing up to the tech who came out to set up the credit card machine and explained how everything worked.”

Ron P. also says, “I came on board with them two and a half years ago. I had poor credit, and they were willing to take a chance with me. Today, they gave me some good news regarding my rates and reserve fund, and I am very appreciative. It's always a good feeling working with a service provider that cares about its small customers as much as they do about the big ones.”

For more information on Electronic Merchant Systems’ towing mobile payment solution, visit their website. Clients may contact their office directly via phone or email to discuss any further inquiries as well.

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