Totem Hosts Weekly AMAs About Web3 and NFTs

Totem's founders and team host weekly AMAs on Twitter Spaces every Tuesday at 19:00 UTC.

For many parties interested in Web3, Twitter Spaces has become a popular way to get information. A Twitter Space can be used to communicate, share multimedia content and deliver notice of events around specific themes.

Totem Weekly Recap

During the weekly AMAs, Totem founders have discussed a variety of topics, including web3, NFTs, technology, and products that get getting ready to launch. Totem discussed their progress on Totem OS, virtual gatherings, and Wavelength in a recent Medium post.

Totem noted that the purpose of Wavelength is to "create a network in which artists can come together to create a new standard for entertainment."

Totem founders continued by saying, "we are committed to creating a better future for all, and our team is working toward making this vision a reality. Our community is sharing ideas in Discord, our founders are discussing visions in Twitter spaces, and our products are almost ready for launch."

Totem has provided their community with a roadmap of their upcoming release both on their website and Twitter. During February 2022, the Totem OS will allow users to create their Totem, display their favorite NFTs and AXIS (XOiD NFTs that provide access to the Totem ecosystem), the ability to explore additional tools via AXIS, $CTZN earning, and staking.

Additional information about the February 2022 roadmap can be found at:

Those interested in learning more about Totem, $CTZN, or Wavelength are encouraged to join the Totem Discord or connect during one of the weekly AMA's on Twitter Spaces.


For more information about Totem, contact the company here: