Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane Provides Pool Safety Certificates on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane Qld

Brisbane City, Queensland -

Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane, a company based in Hamilton, Queensland, Australia, is pleased to announce that they are offering pool inspection services on the Sunshine Coast or Brisbane. All swimming pools on regulated land in Queensland are required to have a pool safety inspection at the time of sale or lease of the property. The licensed pool safety inspector issues a pool compliance certificate indicating that the swimming pool is compliant with the new pool safety laws and standards that came into effect on December 1, 2010.

Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane is a Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) licensed pool certifier and therefore can offer various kinds of pool certification services, such as pre-purchase inspections, including the issuance of pool safety certificates for pool fences. And their inspection team can offer practical advice in the event that the pool is not compliant with the pool safety legislation. They also provide fixed pricing that is not only assured to be competitive but also has no hidden charges or fees.

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Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane also provides a pre-inspection checklist free of charge. This checklist will be helpful in determining any common issues that may be a problem. It will also point the homeowner in the proper direction if there is any need to have some work done on the pool before the safety inspection is performed.

There are a number of factors that make the services of Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane stand out among its competitors. These include: the safety certificate supplied on the spot, if completely compliant; peace of mind for the homeowner in the knowledge that they are getting the appropriate advice; excellent customer service and reliability; weekend and after hours inspections; completely detailed reports with any non-compliance, explaining why the pool is not compliant and the needed steps to achieve compliance; their experience of completing more than 800 inspections; and the fact they are fully insured and licensed.

Daniel Calleja is the owner and operator of Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane. He is a QBCC licensed pool safety inspector and he is APSIC trained. The comprehensive pool inspection analysis and his keen attention to detail ensures that every inspection they conduct will be performed to the highest standards and the homeowner will have peace of mind with the assurance that the pool fence is safe for the family and is compliant with the pool safety standards.

There are a number of items in the pre-inspection checklist. These include: the need for the pool gates to self close from every position from their arc of operation, including just one centimetre away from the locking mechanism; adjoining boundary fences have climbable rails; the height of the pool safety barrier is less than 1200mm because of the increase in ground heights; there are no climbable objects near the pool safety barrier; the windows opening into the pool can only open up to 100 mm; latch release on gate at least 1500mm from ground if non-glass fence; all gates open away from the pool; no gaps under the fence or gate to permanent, stable ground of more than 100mm; the top of each gate hinge has to be 900mm apart, or the tops of the gate hinges are 900mm away from each other or they have a 60 degree angle cap on the hinge; no climbable objects closer than 300mm on the inside of a non-glass fence; no gaps in or under the fence over 100mm; all components of fence and gate are secure and tight; no gaps of over 100mm open up when the two vertical fence rails are squeezed together; no pot plants or any other climbable objects against the fence either on the outside or inside of the pool area; and more.

Those who are interested in learning more about pool safety inspection services, including above ground pool fence regulations, can check out the Total Pool Safety Inspections Brisbane website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Sunday.


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