Top Results Consulting Is Giving Back To The Community With My Child Left Home For Heaven With Kellie Sipos Podcasts

Top Results Consulting, a Reno, NV-based company devoted to empowering entrepreneurs by providing them digital resources for increasing inbound lead flow, has announced that giving back to the community is their purpose in sponsoring the website, My Child Left Home for Heaven with Kellie Sipos. The site regularly presents podcasts focused on discussions on how a parent can find joy during those darkest days after losing a child. This is because the organization acknowledges the value of safe spaces where people can share their experiences and feel that others understand them.

In the podcasts, Kellie Sipos delves into the most difficult conversations that many parents would rather avoid. She is a grieving mother herself, having lost her daughter Emilie. She points out that losing her daughter has been a major test of faith for her while she was finding joy in the presence of the Lord. She prays, discussing the ups and downs of a parent’s grief journey while gaining strength each day from the Lord.

In the first podcast episode, Kellie sought to help all grieving moms find joy in their grief. In the second episode, she helps other mothers take the path towards strength and wholeness. In the succeeding episodes, Kellie keeps exploring grief and how people can cope and experience joy in their hearts.

Shawn Tiberio, CEO, and co-founder of Top Results Consulting says, “At Top Results Consulting, we are proud to say that we give entrepreneurs the opportunity to reach their business and personal goals. At the same time, we feel grateful to our community. That's why we are always looking for opportunities to give back.”

He continues, “By sponsoring the My Child Left Home for Heaven, we want to show on one side, the services we offer, and on the other, the work we do to give back to the community. We acknowledge the importance of safe spaces where people can share their experiences and feel understood. That's the reason why we decided to sponsor this website.”

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Shawn Tiberio and Roger Valdez established the company in 2019 to provide an unparalleled kind of service. Those who are interested in learning more about the services offered by Top Results Consulting may want to check out their website or contact them by phone.


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