Top Rated Slip and Fall Lawyer, from Kucher Law Group in New York City, Explains What is Involved When it Comes to Proving Whether or Not an Incident Was a Result of Negligence

New York, NY - According to reports from the CDC, the number of people who suffer injuries from slip/trip and fall incidents makes falling one of the leading causes of how people get hurt every year. If someone suffered an injury from a fall that could have been prevented, the cause of the fall could be the result of another person’s negligence. Working with a slip and fall lawyer could help determine whether or not you have a case that may be eligible for compensation.

Samantha Kucher and experienced trial lawyers at Kucher Law Group have always practiced personal injury law. Dedicated to fighting for victims who may have been injured because of the neglect or oversight of others, Samantha has built a legal career with a focus and determination for helping others. She attended New York University where she received her undergraduate degree before then attending New York Law School where she earned her Juris Doctorate. Through her education and volunteer time with the New York County Pro Bono program, she has gained valuable experience as a slip and fall lawyer, especially when dealing with large corporations and insurance companies.

slip and fall lawyer

“It’s always unfortunate when these kinds of things happen and it can be difficult to try and navigate the judicial system. It’s always been important to me to help my clients seek justice for their injuries. The nature of slip/trip and fall accidents can leave room for speculation and we want to ensure that our clients are prepared with a defense that has examined every angle.”

Kucher points out how it can be difficult to prove that a slip/trip and fall accident happened because of the negligence of another party. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration to build an eligible case and, due to the New York Slip/Trip and Fall Statute of Limitations, there is a specific time frame in which a case must be filed.

“For a slip/trip and fall incident, it is going to be important to determine the number of things and gather enough supportive evidence to prove that negligence was the cause of the injury. Analyzing things such as where the accident took place, what dangerous conditions were present, who owns the property, and whether or not the owner of that property was aware of the dangerous condition is the basis of where the investigation for cases like these would start.”

Ms. Kucher believes that finding proper representation for a slip/trip and fall case is an important decision to make. She believes that the laws regarding slip/trip and fall injuries in New York are complicated and require a lot of attention to detail. Because of the complexities that may be involved with cases like these, she believes that finding an attorney should be taken into careful consideration. The experienced trial lawyers at Kucher Law Group work closely with each client to assist them in building a successful case for compensation. For those who were injured due to a slip/trip and fall and is seeking advice and the representation of an attorney, learn more about how the lawyers at Kucher Law may be able to help at


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