Top Rated New York Car Accident Lawyer Explains Why You Need Experienced Legal Counsel Following A Crash

12th April 2021 – New York is overcrowded, evident from its congested roads and high traffic. As a result, the city experiences its fair share of car collisions and traffic accidents. At least 243 people died in traffic crashes in 2020 alone, despite the pandemic affecting traffic flow.

As an experienced New York car accident lawyer, Samantha Kucher understands that car accident victims are often overcome with trauma and may miss out on seeking legal counsel.

New York car accident lawyer

“Car accidents can be challenging to deal with, especially when insurance companies come into the picture and try to settle the claim for less than the insurance amount that the victim deserves,” says Kristine.

It can be difficult for an injured person to move on from the trauma they endured, adjust to their injuries, and pay their medical bills. This takes a toll on the victim's physical and emotional well-being that further halts the recovery process.

Samantha further adds: “To stay on top of all the legal pitfalls involved with an accident, people need a New York car accident lawyer to help them present their case and get fairly compensated for their loss.”

One of the most common causes for car crashes includes head-on collisions that occur when two vehicles strike each other head-on and lead to internal injuries, fractures, spinal cord injuries, or even head injuries.

Side impact collisions that occur due to a vehicle coming too close to the point of impact or rollover accidents in which the car’s roof is destroyed are also very common.

Similarly, rear-end collisions where the drivers from both vehicles can be at fault leading to multiple impacts, is another common reason for car crashes in New York.

When victims get in touch with a car accident lawyer in New York, the lawyers conduct a thorough investigation into the case's evidence. Other aspects of investigation include interviewing the witnesses and retrieving the police accident report that was filed. In case they require more information, the lawyers ask for surveillance videos for added proof.

Additionally, New York car accident lawyers help car accident victims claim the insurance as per the state's no-fault insurance rules. They prepare the victims for negotiations and any defensive tactic presented by the insurance company that may reduce the value of the victim's claim.

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