Top Name Among Oak Hill Preschools Discusses Creative Curriculum

Happy Bunnies Child Care School, based in Austin, Texas, is highlighting the importance of a creative curriculum for daycare centers in their latest article. The school makes it a point to provide parents and caregivers with useful resources, regularly publishing long-form articles and short videos.

The article emphasizes that students and teachers alike benefit from a creative approach to learning that helps them connect with the world around them. Thought-provoking and gratifying activities should provide children with a suitable challenge for their age range, for instance. The lessons must also be relevant to students and their capabilities. By utilizing a creative approach, teachers can encourage children to use their imagination by introducing them to various stimulating experiences (and providing a platform for the children to explore their interests). This approach also makes for an excellent opportunity for adults to share and appreciate children's creativity and help them develop their ideas and skills. In turn, it allows multiple talents and interests to be developed simultaneously. The creative curriculum for preschool is currently used in the younger classes; however, it is just as meaningful to the school's youngest students as it is to the oldest.

The creative approach to curriculum focuses on four key areas — social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and language. To quote the article, "As a child's social/emotional stage progresses, they become more self-confident and self-reliant. In this stage, children learn how to make friends, participate in group activities, and abide by the rules. The physical stage aims to help youngsters develop their gross and fine motor skills. This stage is related to the ability to think clearly and effectively. Youngsters are taught problem-solving and critical thinking skills." These areas focus on developing a wide range of skills children will need in their daily lives. The language stage also emphasizes communication, with children developing their conversational skills and learning to read and write. As they go through this stage, young children learn to recognize letters and words and begin to register for a specific purpose.

The article identifies specific creative curriculum objectives that every distinguished preschool should have. The critical components of any program should be innovation, responsiveness, and assistance. The article provides a more in-depth look into these three components while also highlighting other critical curriculum elements. While grades and test scores are essential, this approach also focuses on developing students' social, emotional, physical, and cognitive abilities. As stated in the article, "the creative curriculum's guiding principle is to look at the whole person, not just the parts that pertain to education." At the Happy Bunnies Child Care School, every child is offered a creative approach to curriculum, learning from hands-on activities. The teachers design individualized learning programs that help every child develop to their best abilities. The school also offers a variety of fun and educational activities that support development in their way.

The Happy Bunnies Child Care School has been operational at its current location since 1993, then known as the Child's Way Creative Learning Center. In 2018, the school was taken over by seasoned childcare expert Magdalena MacLeod and was renamed the Happy Bunnies Child Care School. Along with the rebranding, the school's approach to teaching methodology took a new path, guided by Mrs. MacLeod's vision for what the ideal child care center should be like.

She runs the school alongside her husband, Colin MacLeod. In 2008, the pair took over three well-established daycare centers and preschools near London, England, and began running a purpose-built early learning center. Then, in 2018, they moved to the United States to set up Happy Bunnies Child Care School in Austin. The school is currently in the process of securing the Texas Rising Star accreditation for its daycare. They also work around parents' schedules and requirements, giving them the freedom and flexibility to swap sessions as they see fit, a rare luxury at most daycare centers. The school takes pride in providing all of these high-quality services at some of the most affordable child care tuition costs in Austin, TX.

Parents may visit their website to learn more about the Happy Bunnies Child Care School. They can also be contacted via phone or email; staff are always ready to provide a free consultation.

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